Friday, December 31, 2010

Message to American women

Tom in Washington writes:

American women, get used to living alone, or else become a lesbian. If you hate men so much, you might as well just come out of the closet and become a lesbian whore.

Have you American women ever heard of the word "misandry"? It is the exact opposite of misoginy. It means hatred of men. And feminism and misandry are the same thing.

Anyway, American women are either too stupid or too arrogant to admit to themselves and to the world that they have been brainwashed by the feminist western culture. So, good luck finding a husband, because most western men no longer want women like the typical American sluts. Your arrogance is the BIGGEST TURN OFF.

So, get used to living alone with your 10 cats, or else become a lesbian. Those are your two options, American women!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Marrying an American woman is very dumb

James from USA:

Marrying an American woman is the dumbest thing a man could ever do. Save your money and marry an asian woman or a eastern European woman. You won't be disappointed. At least a foreign woman isn't going to divorce you as quickly and easily as an American woman, and most of them make great moms. Hell, most of them will cook for you and enjoy it, too. American women are pathetic. American women are easy to hate, they are stupid, ignorant, and arrogant and now they're even going broke. What's there to like about them?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

American women are losing the game

Bob from America writes:

And American women are losing the cream of the crop - good and caring men - who would rather take their generosity elsewhere. My dating profile looks something like this:

Fun, well educated, adventurous family man with a keen sense of humor seeks warm, fun, and adventurous lady for dating, romance, travel, and if we click, marriage. American women please do not respond. I have no desire to lose my hard earned assets, family and children to an entitled America woman who can and most likely will (see national divorce rates) take it all away at her slightest whim (see ).

However, I will enjoy giving my romance, fun, adventure, kindness, warmth, support, and generosity to a kind hearted, warm spirited, fun, adventurous foreign lady with a sense of humor who understands that building a family and a great life is hard work for both of us, and at the same time the most rewarding thing we’ll ever do together! Seeking warm, kind, adventurous foreign lady who enjoys family, romance, travel, and children to join me in adventure and to help create a warm and happy family for the best years of our lives!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

John from USA, dating Vietnamese girl

John from USA:

Speaking for myself, I am divorced, mid 40s, affluent, no debt, own my own six figures business, good looking (accordning to my female friends), educated, sophisticated, articulate, kind, compassionate, former Marine combat veteran. I think of myself as a 'real' man and I do not have a small penis!

I think many many American women are way too selfish these days, they seem to think that life is like a Sex and The City episode or movie, they are so plastic and materialistic. So many American woman seem to think that all they need to do is bring their vagina to the table and that I will just give them whatever they want. I have found that getting sex is easy, but finding an American woman who is NOT some sort of post-modern proto-feminist witch is so very hard.

My Vietnamese girlfriend will be over soon. She will probably bring some sort of wonderful Vietnamese food ( I give her money for the raw ingredients), and then we will make great love and she will snuggle with me while we watch a movie. I am a 'giver' and so is she. Find me an American woman here in America who is a 'giver' not a taker. Most American women are too selfish to think about others. And yes I worry about my financial health, I do not trust American women, plain and simple. American women will steal as much money as they can from you, through the divorce courts.

Another reality is, most foreign men also hate American women. In polls taken worldwide, American women ranked as the LEAST POPULAR women in the world. So, no one wants American women anymore, not even American men

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sam says American women are living in their own fantasy world

Sam, from Boston writes:

American women have confused being strong and independent with what they want (selfishness), what they want to hear (arrogance). Ever disagree with an American woman, they can't take it and they tell you it's negative or being critical or opinionated, even if you show them proof they are wrong. American women have it too easy , when I see the conditions of women in other countries and hear the "poor me" attitude from American women, it makes me sick. American women have been spoon fed this garbage "you deserve the best, you deserve Mr right, if you disagree with me or are uncomfortable with something it must be wrong, sexist, or rude."

American women are living in such a fantasy world, that if they don't like reality they take a pill and go see a therapist who tells them it isn't there fault. How pathetic is that? My advice to all American men- do not ever marry or date an American woman, unless you want them to make your life a living hell.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Doug gives up on american women

From Doug, in America:

I started dating girls from all over the world, Europe, Asia, South America, and now I find I don't do well with American women anymore. They just seem so selfish relatively speaking. I think the high divorce rate proves this. I wonder if other people have noticed this. The same is not true for foreign guys. The ones I know are very selfish and expect women to do what they say. Maybe thats why foreign women respond well to me. I am nice to them. I guess if this is true, American women better change their ways or they will never find happiness if all they do is expect the world to revolved around them.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

James, sick and tired of American women

James, from America:

American women in general do not respect men. A lot of American women have become selfish, self centered brats. And no matter what you do for them they are never happy. They expect equal rights and yet expect to be treated as dainty princess. Women in other cultures still respect men. Woman are not held accountable for anything by the court systems, are given the benefit of the doubt, and have been given more rights than a man. This has created a spoiled, non compassionate sex that I have seen de masculinate their spouses, take advantage of their "meek" gender by threats, abuse verbally and physically, because they know they can get away with it. Not all women are this sadistic, but I know if I were given every thing and never held responsible I would be the same way.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mark decides to boycott American women

Mark, from the USA:

Independence and strong will (outspokenness) are one possible factor why people boycott American women. COMMITMENT is a major issue. American women complain about men not wanting to commit, but many of them don't commit and stay committed themselves; just look at the skyrocketing divorce rate. The divorce rates for men who marry foreigners is much lower. Many American women cheat on their partners (yes, American men do too, but I know the real statistics and women are almost just as bad).

Many say that white American women's physical attractiveness declines much sooner and quicker than certain other races. Most won't leave the house until they gob on a ton of much-needed cosmetics just to look presentable. Many foreign women have much nicer body shapes, more feminine traits and a lot still have nice long hair, opposed to the boyish low-maintenance short cuts that most American women get by their mid to late teens and never grow back.

Submissiveness is also correct in some cases; many foreign women PREFER the traditional gender roles, and don't WANT an equal partnership. They are much more appreciative and respect a man for what he is and who he is.

Greed. Sheer unmitigated greed. American women claim that foreigners just want to break out of their third-world countries, but how many American women choose men solely as a way to increase their standard of living too? 99% of the time, one of the FIRST questions an American woman asks me is "What do you do for a living?"; If I said I were a doctor, she'd talk to me more. If I said I were a data entry clerk, she'd disappear faster than a cockroach in daylight. If I don't have a nice house, a nice car and a nice wardrobe, I'm not going to get her phone number. Meanwhile, most foreign women ask me about WHO I AM, rather than WHAT I HAVE. When one does appear to be looking for someone financially secure (i.e. RICH), I can quickly exclude her and go to the next one.

Different background: Foreigners are INTERESTING and exotic. There are long, humorous, exciting conversations that are exchanged between the two parties, just about their day-to-day lives. We already know how most American women grew up, same as we did and that's boring. We've heard all the stories already, and probably lived them ourselves.

It's not just American men who dislike American women either. You don't see Web sites catering to foreign men who want to marry American women. That's because the market doesn't EXIST. American men and women have almost identical laws pertaining to naturalizing foreign spouses, but extremely few foreign men would want to marry an American woman, even if it meant a free ticket to the USA. Many of them like how American women look, but they dislike their attitudes for the same reasons American men do. Meanwhile, I can pick and choose from THOUSANDS of beautiful and intelligent women who are truly interested in me, rather than chasing after one stuck-up, game-playing American woman who thinks she's too good for me.

Yes, I'm one of those guys, so hate me all you want. I'm looking for a foreign spouse too, and would NEVER accept an American woman. I don't even care what country she's from or if we speak a mutual language. In fact, I'd probably be happier with her if we couldn't even understand each other, than some American bitch constantly nagging and ragging at me in English.

If we American men could marry foreigners as easily as we can marry domestic partners, American women would really be out of luck. Guys are naturally a bit lazy too, and they'll choose a convenient American woman rather than dealing with the stacks of immigration paperwork. Many guys also never even leave the USA, so they don't actually meet foreign women and they have no basis of comparison.

Anyway, women in America are basically total sluts and whores, whereas women in other countries have much more dignity, self-respect, and decency.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frank, speaks about how nasty American women are

Frank, an American soldier in Afghanistan:

American women have burnt the bridge beyond repair for a lot of american guys nowdays. Men have had enough, that's why you see so many men nowdays with women from many other nations. I am not saying that american women are not attractive, what I am saying is american women bash american men on television, portray them as idiots, laugh at them and treat them like crap. American men are handsome, brave men and deserve to be treated with just a little respect, not kissing their butts. No man wants to spend this limited time on this earth with an ungrateful party girl who has screwed every guy that comes her way, I sure the heck don't. I was watching a tv show recently and this bitter angry white woman was trashing not one but every white man alive, she said some very harsh comments calling these men wimps, losers, whatever. I am an american white male serving the past 4 years in the US Marines in Afghanistan and I do not see any of the white soldiers as wimps. What kind of man wants to deal with these american women anymore, I love my mother but she is from a generation of american women that respected american men. The american women today only care about their next orgasm.