Monday, December 27, 2010

Sam says American women are living in their own fantasy world

Sam, from Boston writes:

American women have confused being strong and independent with what they want (selfishness), what they want to hear (arrogance). Ever disagree with an American woman, they can't take it and they tell you it's negative or being critical or opinionated, even if you show them proof they are wrong. American women have it too easy , when I see the conditions of women in other countries and hear the "poor me" attitude from American women, it makes me sick. American women have been spoon fed this garbage "you deserve the best, you deserve Mr right, if you disagree with me or are uncomfortable with something it must be wrong, sexist, or rude."

American women are living in such a fantasy world, that if they don't like reality they take a pill and go see a therapist who tells them it isn't there fault. How pathetic is that? My advice to all American men- do not ever marry or date an American woman, unless you want them to make your life a living hell.