Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frank, speaks about how nasty American women are

Frank, an American soldier in Afghanistan:

American women have burnt the bridge beyond repair for a lot of american guys nowdays. Men have had enough, that's why you see so many men nowdays with women from many other nations. I am not saying that american women are not attractive, what I am saying is american women bash american men on television, portray them as idiots, laugh at them and treat them like crap. American men are handsome, brave men and deserve to be treated with just a little respect, not kissing their butts. No man wants to spend this limited time on this earth with an ungrateful party girl who has screwed every guy that comes her way, I sure the heck don't. I was watching a tv show recently and this bitter angry white woman was trashing not one but every white man alive, she said some very harsh comments calling these men wimps, losers, whatever. I am an american white male serving the past 4 years in the US Marines in Afghanistan and I do not see any of the white soldiers as wimps. What kind of man wants to deal with these american women anymore, I love my mother but she is from a generation of american women that respected american men. The american women today only care about their next orgasm.