Tuesday, December 28, 2010

John from USA, dating Vietnamese girl

John from USA:

Speaking for myself, I am divorced, mid 40s, affluent, no debt, own my own six figures business, good looking (accordning to my female friends), educated, sophisticated, articulate, kind, compassionate, former Marine combat veteran. I think of myself as a 'real' man and I do not have a small penis!

I think many many American women are way too selfish these days, they seem to think that life is like a Sex and The City episode or movie, they are so plastic and materialistic. So many American woman seem to think that all they need to do is bring their vagina to the table and that I will just give them whatever they want. I have found that getting sex is easy, but finding an American woman who is NOT some sort of post-modern proto-feminist witch is so very hard.

My Vietnamese girlfriend will be over soon. She will probably bring some sort of wonderful Vietnamese food ( I give her money for the raw ingredients), and then we will make great love and she will snuggle with me while we watch a movie. I am a 'giver' and so is she. Find me an American woman here in America who is a 'giver' not a taker. Most American women are too selfish to think about others. And yes I worry about my financial health, I do not trust American women, plain and simple. American women will steal as much money as they can from you, through the divorce courts.

Another reality is, most foreign men also hate American women. In polls taken worldwide, American women ranked as the LEAST POPULAR women in the world. So, no one wants American women anymore, not even American men