Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sam: American women can't compete with foreign ladies

Sam from New York:

I recall seeing a show about the US man-foreign women deal a few years back.

These men were married to Russian women, and were quite happy.

The US females in the audience were almost frothing at the mouth at these men for having the good sense to marry foreign women.

They were on the verge of hysterics over the issue, when they realised they were not the only game in town.

Friday, January 28, 2011

American feminist women caused the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Yes, that's right. Feminists caused the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The muslims who are fighting the American army mainly just don't want the feminist western culture to come to their countries also, which is why they are fighting against the western powers. They don't want their women to also be turned into prostitutes.

If these stupid American bitch feminists want equal rights, they should also go to the front lines and risk their lives. But no, they'd rather just send the men out to die for their "equal rights" while they sit at home in Starbucks, and cheating on their boyfriends who are over there fighting.

Feminism is directly responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And to anyone who doubts that feminism is a major cause of this bloody war, let's not forget that feminists have openly tried to justify this war in the name of "liberating the Afghan women". If these scumbag feminists feel that way, why don't THEY go out to the front lines? That would be REAL EQUAL RIGHTS! But no, they send the men off to go die so that they can continue to sit on their fat ass and watch Sex in the City. I refuse to fight for or defend such whores. Let the feminists defend themselves, since they "don't need men", anyway. Feminists are such hypocrites.

These feminists have the blood of all of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians killed in Iraq/Afghanistan on their hands. May God save them from their sins.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bobby: use American women for sex only

Bobby says:

I only date American white women for sex. I would never marry one. They disgust me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jenny speaks about her fellow American women

Jenny, a sweet American girl:

hmmm, my husband dated 19-20 american girls and said they were all boring, self-centered, lazy (they excpected their future husband to come home after work and do dishes, clean, cook, when they would stay home all day as a housewife). Kinda meessed up; but i'm sure there's some good american women out there (Editor's note: If they are "out there", then where are they? I have not met them!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bob, an ex-army soldier, speaks about foreign women

Bob, an ex-US army soldier:
Listen, as an army guy I have traveled all over europe and some parts of asia, mainly korea. When I lived overseas as a young adult I had a problem choosing who I would be with, because women there have so much to offer in terms of respect and other important qualities we look for in a women. They tend to have ALOT less problems and dont use the excuse " well yea my first boyfriend cheated on me so im going to go out and get revenge on men and not get hurt im going to play games with them blah blah blah". I really missed my time overseas. Now im back in the states and have been single for almost 2 years. Im a good looking guy who treats women with respect, and women here dont like that. They would much rather me treat them like garbage to get there approval. EVERY single girl I have come across plays games, one minute they like you the next they " arent looking for anything right now" its so ridiculous. One girl will do her best to get your attention and the more you ignore her the more she wants you, and the minute you give her the time of day all of that interest is gone now she wants nothing to do with you. It just gets old after awhile so I dont even bother with american women, especially white ones who think they are so much better then you because they have a degree in such in such blah blah blah. And they have all these guys competing for them, but in the end whats the point? if she is no good then why fight for her and kiss her ass trying to get a date? To hell with these "the hills" "jersey shore" tv drama wannabe girls. No. I refuse to do it. Next year im moving to london anyway. So I will be back to happiness. For any american thats fed up with women I highly suggest you go overseas for a visit. You will be suprised what your missing. Dont change who you are just to get laid trust me the 10-15 min of sex isnt worth it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Patrick: Women in foreign countries are better than American women

Patrick, in USA:

And you know, I think this is very acute with pretty American women, of all races. The prettier, the more they tend to be self aggrandizing proto-bitches with a sense of entitlement. So I gues there ARE American women who are kind, compassionate, not high maintenance, etc. But they tend to be unattractive or over weight. Sorry, I do not want large Marge. I want a trim, height weight proportionate woman.

I am an amateur athlete, btw. I can attract women. I just don't want most of them! And I can go to Belize or Costa Rica and find a beautiful woman who has everything I am looking for. But I am not there...YET.

Funny the negative comments seem to be about penis size, not the reality of the situation. When did it become acceptable to belittle a man, but not women? Why is it wrong to belittle women, but ok to belittle men???????

Comments like this pretty much define the US woman. She sees everything as having to be a fight with a man. Completely incapable of any sort of femininity, as that would, in her warped view of the world, mean she was "a spineless doormat". They have morphed into something neither feminine nor masculine, all the while going on and on about how great they are. As the OP stated somewhere, no man aspires to marry a US female. It's just too toxic. There are some great women out there, but not in the US.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American women hate men

Buddy from California:

Well if you look at sites like the HuffPo and things that the "trendy, liberal" women are discussing, it's always about how horrible straight white men are and they're always making everything into a female issue or a gay issue. Fuck that shit. I'll take an asian chick any day. I absolutely agree with you OP, especially the women here in Orange County CA. American woman are trash, although to be fair, in general it doesn't seem like the men aren't any better.

Monday, January 17, 2011

American women are very unpopular in India

Raja, an Indian man living in America, from India: in India we never dream of an american women. American women are highly materialistic. They just want money. Even if I become President of US of America (which is not possible, but lets just assume) I would (not even in my wildest dreams ) never marry any american woman. They simply are not feminine. They dont know how to be sweet and respect others. American laws are heavily in favour of women and women take advantage of it. family structure is already totally broken in USA. Values morals are practically absent, Now I wonder 2 3 generations down the line what kind of people would be there in USA. This generation is totally spoiled, they cant teach anything to the next generation, which means the next one would be worse than the present, and the next to that @#$^%#%. Family, values, traditions, morals important but it seems that people are not at all ready to listen to the religion. The only way is then to against all these values and get screwed up, then and then only people will realize that our forefathers were right. The only thing I am worried about is because of media and all these globalization even women in India are getting out of control (very small % of them). but i think 2 3 generations down the line USA would be totally fucked up and this live example will make Indians and other eastern countries learn a lesson!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

American women have become unnatural

Tom from America:

Most of the posters have cited the correct issue; women in America have too much freedom and anger to ever aid their man in his life's work. American women have been mentally poisoned and turned against their men by a small insidious group (the same group who pushes anti male hatred is the same group who pushes anti western hatred, homosexuality and other aberrations (see the activists in the 1960s to understand.)). This mindset along with the unparralelled freedom women have in America has made them into either whores or man haters, and many times lesbians, who will only be loyal to men who dominate them (see alpha man/beta male discussion all over the web). American women have lost their balance and ability to be natural. Even women who want to have an old fashioned life of hearth and home are ridiculed by career women and the media as doing nothing with their lives and of being a failure, or worse a slave. They can no longer grasp the simple fact that many mature men want to come home at the end of the day to a place where they feel loved, and to a woman whom motivates him to strive. This is all because women are so much more affected by social critique than men, and therefore they go with the popular viewpoint, regardless of it's inherent goodness or badness. The same message is pumped into American women's eyes and ears all the time by a group of people who control the media and whom hate the west and it's people. The message is be a professional, sleep with many men for fun, convince yourself that being a housewife is slavery, and wait until you are 35 to have one kid. In addition, American women cannot fathom that many many men want a partner in life not a competitor (and not a slave) so they go beserk at any statement that women acting like men without dicks is not attractive. They ridicule men who want a woman who respects them and supports them and who has not had 10, 15, 30 (and yes even more) sexual partners as a loser, bastard, failure, wants a slave etc. This has resulted in American women only being excited by men who can give them a fleeting feeling of passion rather than a long term life of mutual support and love. These men who are not driven by sex and selfishness alone are now called beta males. In short, the majority of American women have become hard, angry whores who cannot grasp the concept of a soft type of love, or that there is another part of masculinity encompassing restraint, duty, and doing the right thing. Surface/style over substance, what our country is, and what our women value. But don't worry, I know none of this will get through because of your individual clique of self reinforcing friends.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

american women are too self-centered

Angry black American man:

There is WAY TOO many of the MISS THANG type type in america. Im sick of American women acting like they are the center of the universe an aint no man gonna say anything to them about anything. these types are only screwing the end the end up alone an bitter an its is true that its a growing trend among the women to act like tryant like cunt flaps.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

american women living in cinderella fantasyland

Andrew in Houston:

it's the damn cinderella complex.
they want the fantasy,
reallity disappoints them, confuses them, then they
get angry and blame it on the men.
never satisfied with way a man is, always
wanting him to something else, trying to change
him into image of prince fucking charming.
american women damned near killed me.
i married a mexican woman, . .been happy ever since.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tony: american women have an extreme entitlement complex

From Tony in Washington:

So true, american woman have an extreme entitlement attitude, and are to high maintenance. This attitude the op spoke about is in many American women. However I can't disagree that many American men are pussies.

American women have fought for their supposed "equality" an have shoved us men in a legal corner. Men simply holding a woman back from attacking him will be placed in jail for assault. Women are attacking men on television and it is seen as comedy. When men attack women on television it is often portrayed as the man is unstable and evil.
Men in modern media are often portrayed as stupid, lazy and all but useless. Though these men are often the fathers and husbands, the hero is often seen as pure masculine and a go getter. (think suburban commando or the duality of characteristics in true lies)

Women are often portrayed as the strong, smart and often only active member in a relationship striving to maintain a family and work life. And this fantasy is often seen as a reality as men who try to take charge are often seen as an oppressive beast. Women for the most part will hit men with impunity for almost any emotional change. ( happy, sad, angry, worried,stressed etc) These hits the male must endure are not looked at legally as assault, but instead people often wonder what the man did wrong.

The chemicals found in many food containers often boost estrogen( bisphenol A). This added increase in estrogen in the male diet will of course feminize the male and cause a decrease in male hormone which have been dropping precipitously for quite some time.

So this minor rather incomplete list of the modern dichotomy shows that females instigated the modern problems, law makers have aided the feminist movement and males refused to act for some time.

However the MRA movement (mens rights activism) has been gaining some steam lately. However it has met some fierce resistance from the feminist movement as well as other groups.

Ok so now feminists and manginas tell me about my small penis, my inability to get laid and all the other crap you spew out when MEN speak out against our own oppression.

Friday, January 7, 2011

3 reasons why American women suck

There are three things wrong with American women -

- BBW farm animal obesity

- Credit card blowout greed

- Feminist anger and psychosis

American women are no damn good anymore.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

American with Eastern European wife

Anthony from USA:

My wife will be 40 this year, and looks like she is 25. Why? Because she takes care of herself. Eastern European women look good for their man. American women look good for the attention of OTHER men. They have to know that they are always wanted by someone else to make them feel better about themselves. And the ones that don't care get fat, and let themselves go. Then wonder why their man is starting to look at other women. An eastern european woman doesn;t have to worry about these things. She looks good, can cook good, is an excellent mother, and excellent wife. And the best part, there is not one thread of jealousy in them. They don't need to be jealous. They know their man is not going anywhere.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Carlos: only 3% of American women are good


I honestly believe that only about 3-5% of American women are worth marrying. And that's being generous. I expect those numbers to steadily decline over the next decade.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Equality does not equal equality

Gary in Kentucky:

In an American woman's mind, equality does not mean you are equal. It means that the woman always gets her selfish way. Actually, a growing number of American men are marrying foreign brides, especially given the divorce epidemic in America. Many American men just no longer desire American women anymore. Do you know that most American men now prefer foreign brides over American women? Hey ladies, I would STRONGLY encourage you to consider lesbian relationships with each other because you know what, American men no longer find you desirable.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Steve voices his complaints about american women

Just want to know how many men, think American women are spoiled and Un-gratefull of American men???I know "not ALL" women are like this, but I feel because of the American Media women are seduced by this monster and behave in selfish ways these days.I also blame Feminism, do I think women should make as much as a man if she's doing the same job?? Yes I most certainly do.Do I think Women are above men and should treat them rudley just because they have a hot @ss NO I most certainly do not. i think american women are the most gullible esp young women and they have been fed such bull and think they are so special when they realy ain't standing on a damn thing. im a man but i agree with you totally..i was born in uk .and lived in the states for 8 years..i am amazed how self centered alot of american women are and selfish and money hungry...not all of course..but many of them are

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Outsourcing is the best idea

Christopher in Oklahoma:

I say don't get married period. But if you must be a hardhead, I believe outsourcing is the best idea. Foreign women are comfortable in their femininity. As a male I am attracted to this. I believe that American women have priced themselves out of the marketplace. Too needy, too many headgames, too easy to divorce. Not many foreign men want American wives either. Plus nowadays you hear American women using terms like "starter husbands". Don't do it guys. What a crude women American girls are. American men are considered the best husbands in the world. They sure put up with more than most men in other countries do. That's why women from around the world try so hard to marry an American man. American women become very bitter divorcees.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Henry speaks about ameican girls

Henry from California:

i've never met any women other than american women, but i will say they (American women) are a huge pain in the ass and i couldn't imagine women from any other country being any worse than american women.

Anyway, you dumb American women can bitch and whine all you want. The facts are that over 50 percent of American women are single. The facts speak for themselves- NO ONE WANTS YOU!