Saturday, January 15, 2011

American women have become unnatural

Tom from America:

Most of the posters have cited the correct issue; women in America have too much freedom and anger to ever aid their man in his life's work. American women have been mentally poisoned and turned against their men by a small insidious group (the same group who pushes anti male hatred is the same group who pushes anti western hatred, homosexuality and other aberrations (see the activists in the 1960s to understand.)). This mindset along with the unparralelled freedom women have in America has made them into either whores or man haters, and many times lesbians, who will only be loyal to men who dominate them (see alpha man/beta male discussion all over the web). American women have lost their balance and ability to be natural. Even women who want to have an old fashioned life of hearth and home are ridiculed by career women and the media as doing nothing with their lives and of being a failure, or worse a slave. They can no longer grasp the simple fact that many mature men want to come home at the end of the day to a place where they feel loved, and to a woman whom motivates him to strive. This is all because women are so much more affected by social critique than men, and therefore they go with the popular viewpoint, regardless of it's inherent goodness or badness. The same message is pumped into American women's eyes and ears all the time by a group of people who control the media and whom hate the west and it's people. The message is be a professional, sleep with many men for fun, convince yourself that being a housewife is slavery, and wait until you are 35 to have one kid. In addition, American women cannot fathom that many many men want a partner in life not a competitor (and not a slave) so they go beserk at any statement that women acting like men without dicks is not attractive. They ridicule men who want a woman who respects them and supports them and who has not had 10, 15, 30 (and yes even more) sexual partners as a loser, bastard, failure, wants a slave etc. This has resulted in American women only being excited by men who can give them a fleeting feeling of passion rather than a long term life of mutual support and love. These men who are not driven by sex and selfishness alone are now called beta males. In short, the majority of American women have become hard, angry whores who cannot grasp the concept of a soft type of love, or that there is another part of masculinity encompassing restraint, duty, and doing the right thing. Surface/style over substance, what our country is, and what our women value. But don't worry, I know none of this will get through because of your individual clique of self reinforcing friends.