Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bob, an ex-army soldier, speaks about foreign women

Bob, an ex-US army soldier:
Listen, as an army guy I have traveled all over europe and some parts of asia, mainly korea. When I lived overseas as a young adult I had a problem choosing who I would be with, because women there have so much to offer in terms of respect and other important qualities we look for in a women. They tend to have ALOT less problems and dont use the excuse " well yea my first boyfriend cheated on me so im going to go out and get revenge on men and not get hurt im going to play games with them blah blah blah". I really missed my time overseas. Now im back in the states and have been single for almost 2 years. Im a good looking guy who treats women with respect, and women here dont like that. They would much rather me treat them like garbage to get there approval. EVERY single girl I have come across plays games, one minute they like you the next they " arent looking for anything right now" its so ridiculous. One girl will do her best to get your attention and the more you ignore her the more she wants you, and the minute you give her the time of day all of that interest is gone now she wants nothing to do with you. It just gets old after awhile so I dont even bother with american women, especially white ones who think they are so much better then you because they have a degree in such in such blah blah blah. And they have all these guys competing for them, but in the end whats the point? if she is no good then why fight for her and kiss her ass trying to get a date? To hell with these "the hills" "jersey shore" tv drama wannabe girls. No. I refuse to do it. Next year im moving to london anyway. So I will be back to happiness. For any american thats fed up with women I highly suggest you go overseas for a visit. You will be suprised what your missing. Dont change who you are just to get laid trust me the 10-15 min of sex isnt worth it.