Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jessica, an American woman, admits the truth

From Jessica, an American woman:

As an american woman, I completely agree with most of you.  Most american women are self-centered, gold-digging, bossy. and border on being psychotic.  I feel sorry for the poor saps who marry them and become their slaves.

Friday, February 25, 2011

American women hate Asian women

Johhny B Goode says:

LOL! It is SOOOOOO funny to see how angry and envious American women become when you start talking about asian women.

And no, asian women are generally very chaste. The divorce rate in Asia is much lower than that in America. So, once again, your argument that "asian women are whores" is totally wrong. It is AMERICAN WOMEN who are the REAL WHORES.

If you want a nice girl who will be loyal to you, marry an asian girl. And don't listen to all of the envious ranting of the idiotic and pathetic American whore women who are jealous.

Just face it, American girls- you have LOST to asian women. So many American men now date asian women and avoid American women entirely.

Not just me, but MILLIONS of American men are waking up and realizing how horrible American women are, and are thus rejecting them and marrying foreign women.

LOL! Some idiot said "American white women are the standard of beauty worldwide".

Yea, so that's why you see so many fat ass white women in America, but you go to Asia or Europe, and you rarely see fat women?

Don't kid yourself, American women have the worst reputation in the world. No one wants them.

Even American men don't want them, which is why over 50 percent of American women are single.

Wake up and smell the facts. American women are the worst women in the world.

LOL! Most American men who date an asian girl EVEN ONCE swear to themselves to never EVER AGAIN date western women, especially American women, who are at the bottom of the barrel.

Why would someone who has tasted fine wine ever go back to drinking cheap low class wine?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

American women are hell

Daryl in Minnesota:

American women are the embodiment of hell. These glutton obsessed,sloppy,wanna- be- men,ball busting sluts, & the faggot man-ginas who support them. I sense a revolution happening soon in america. Its welllllllllll overdue for REAL men to take back our manhood & re-establish divine order with men at the forefront has the head of the houshold..women as our help mates. Throw out the FAGS & THE FEMINAZIS ASAP!!!!!!!WE need a revolution on all levels political,gender,social,cultural ,etc etc. The family structure is the bedrock of any successful nation..thats man,woman & child GOD is #1

Monday, February 21, 2011

Michael says American women hate good men

Michael from Maine, USA:

Women, at least American women, have little tolerance for any man who has any self respect and/or character. They will, collectively and individually, discriminate against, oppress, and denigrate the same. They seem to only tolerate men who are base and weak.

I like women outside of the USA much better. They seem to like those same characteristics in men which American women despise.

My advice to men is to avoid all personal,professional,business, and social contact with American women. This strategy has both offensive and defensive characteristics. By doing the same, you will avoid being "surrounded and destroyed" by them, a defensive strategy. At the same time, there are many individuals and entities who, when observing that there are no men with character around to defend these women, will unhesitatingly attack the same (this is the offensive portion of this strategy.

A man who follows this strategy will be much happier personally and much more successful in his professional life.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Albert says American women hate being wives and mothers

Albert from America:

An American man would be crazy to marry an American woman. Although they won’t admit it, American women don’t like marriage and family. Just look at the divorce figures, and the fact that the majority of divorces are initiated by women for no valid reason. . . . Women with attitudes and beliefs like this do not make good wives or mothers. Also, the majority of Western women have a superior stuck-up attitude that gets annoying after a while. They feel a sense of entitlement to just about everything, and only demand equality at the top never at the bottom. I still don’t see any of them demanding to be drafted.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

American man in Europe discovers the truth

An American man in Europe speaks:

I traveled for a few months abroad in Europe and Asia, and could not believe the difference in "foreign" women to North American girls.

The foreigners seemed like "real women" somehow, whereas the girls here are not attractive to me! For a long time I suspected I might be gay, because I have been put off by so many of the women here in America, despite them being technically OK-looking... I thought, what is wrong with me? Why aren't I attracted to these girls? I only jerk off to pictures of girls online, and even tried out some gay porn as an experiment, but it didn't do it for me.

So what is the problem?

I think it is because the woman here subtlety ACT LIKE MEN. Though they might look pretty, they put out signals which are coded with a very male-vibe. People on this board seem to call that "feminism" - I dunno if I agree with that term or not - but I do agree that generally speaking, the woman I see here are NOT GIRLY - not in the way that is unconsciously attractive to men. They think and behave like men in (sometimes very attractive) female bodies. I think it tends to shut down my unconscious desire to pursue them as mates... I can admire their beauty, but I don't feel "it" - that pull to want to get to know them better. I think my biology gets confused. I am attracted to their body, but put off by their mannishness.

I remember sitting around at a party, and all the girls were playing video games and hooting like 10-year old boys - loud, obnoxious, being really over-the-top violent and vulgar - It was really weird. I remember I made eye contact with this other guy in the room and WE WERE BOTH THINKING IT - because as boys, we remember behaving like that when we were 10. We never spoke about it, but it's like we had both agreed that this was f*cked up! Girls should not act like this.

It's hard to define what I mean by "real women". I know a lot of girls on this board will get all up in arms that I'm being sexiest - it's not that... I don't expect a "real woman" to be subservient, weak, vulnerable, or stupider than me. But dammit, I DO expect her to be GIRLY! She should have a feminine energy about her - the moon to my sun, the yin to my yang, and so on... I don't care what she looks like on the outside - she should be a girl on the inside.

That is what I saw in the European and Asian women... they had more innate "girliness" - They are sexier, more lithe, sleek, seductive, move with more grace, have a more delicate, refined mystique about them. Their body language is softer, cooler, more reserved... But these are not weak women! Hidden in that is a sly strength, like a purring tiger, ready to pounce and strike. They are not as outwardly crass and outspoken, not as boarish and boyish, and not as bullish and frantic as their NA counterparts. They still know subtlety is sexy, that less is more, and that they have power as women that doesn't come exclusive from their tits.

I suspect that North American girls have just been over-exposed to (and corrupted by) our hyper-aggressive male-driven corporate culture. It's trained them to behave like men in the boardroom - and now they unconsciously do it outside of it as well. It has nothing to do with "equal rights" and everything to do with the unconscious dynamics of gender cues. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck......

I suspect every time a guy posts his dating woes b*tching about all the "cold" women of TO, he is unconsciously referencing this. Women here are just not naturally that attractive to men outside of money and power structures. The men, for their part, are acting mostly on their biological imperatives, geared for feminine woman - instead, they are meeting the wall of women-turned-woMEN, who demand an even MORE aggressive hype-male version to be successful in the club/dating scene (i.e. the "Seduction Game")

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John: do not marry American women!

John from Nevada:

Most American women have became very independent, rebellious, have lost traditional values, and will divorce they're husbands at the drop of a hat. Being an American man and of course growing up in America, I never really saw it, until I spent a year in Russia. Many years ago, I took an international job and I lived in Russia for 1 year and I was shocked at Russian women. First, they are very beautiful, they take great pride in their looks. I honestly saw very few big women, which here in the states, you see big women everywhere, it's even being accepted here now. Also, you will never see a Russian lady out in public wearing sweat paints with hair up and no make-up, as so many American women do. Second, they are very traditional, their husband and family always comes first (not a career). They believe the man is the "bread winner" of the family and a Russian wife will always stand by her husband and always support her husband. During the ups and downs of a marriage, a Russian wife is dedicated and loyal to her husband and family and will always be there, while most American women will leave if things get hard.

My first wife was an American woman and she was the "typical" American woman, my second wife for the past 10yrs is a wonderful Russian lady. I believe Eastern European women and American men make a great match.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tommy says American women are sluts

Tommy in Florida:

Why should I marry an American woman when I love my foriegn wife already? Men in the military marry women from all over the world.....which shouldn't be that much of a shock since we spend time all over the world. From what I have seen, foreign women treat men much better than women from the United States do. In fact, foreign women tend to be far more loyal as far as I have seen. Nowhere near the typical slutty American woman, "hey, my husband's in Iraq, time to find a bed-buddy(or a dozen)" that you see in many of the American women that live near military posts and marry military men.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Germans hate American women

Here is what a person from Germany says:

"American women are definitely the fattest women on earth, and the rudest. Not fun to be around. And they dress like they slept in a garbage can. Just saying."
He agrees that American women are totally disgusting. Americans, you need to wake up and see the truth- NO ONE WANTS YOUR WHORE WOMEN ANYMORE! Why else are so many American women marrying asian and foreign women? WAKE UP FROM YOUR PATHETIC FANTASY DREAM WORLD, YOU FOOLS!

Well, for men who are looking for easy sex, I guess American women are not bad. But for men who are looking for GOOD WOMEN to marry, who will be good mothers and good wives, American women are the worst women in the world. The divorce rate is over 60 percent, the white american women are such whores that they will cheat on their husband, then divorce him and take all of his money and children thru the divorce courts.

Only a complete idiot would marry an American woman.
White American women are sick. Only a diseased human being would dare touch one.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

American women are drugged out zombies

American women are constantly in chemicals. Chewing bubble gum constantly (aspartame, which causes temporary retardation). The makeup. They are always doing diet things for extra doses of aspartame. They use too much birth control and it's fucking up their vagina. They have periods for 2 weeks out of the month. They flirt with other men when married. They have a few steps up on the ladder in the courts. They have a feminist movement where they actually think they were born superior to men. They have a pair of shoes for every day of the month, which third world slaves made. Their makeup is made out of animal fat by product. They are in their own world and not reality from popping too many anti depressants for minor mood swings. lol they're nuts!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jim speaks about traditional values

Jim, from America:

What's wrong with American women? Internet sent them over the edge. So did family court, and female judges. Courts have American women believing they can whore about shopping for a 'bargain' and if the marriage goes south they can rake in all the man's belongings being victorious in the end...and even more whore like.

Two places women should not be. Court and Washington. Numbers show they do more damage then good, by far. Sure there are exceptions, but too far too little to make it worth the aggravation seeking them.

Type 'sex' on the internet. You will find one trillion websites with naked women exploiting their goods. 13yo to 80yo. wtf. Stay home, listen to your father, your husband, keep your cloths on, support your man, or find yourself running amok in the face of wormwood.

Also, read the Bible. See what Jesus though of whores. Yeah, he looked right through them.

I'm single, desirable, and looking out of the country now. Good, straight, women are too hard to find.

btw, Ive dated 2-3 women out of the country, and found them more down to Earth and appreciative. Not 'perfect' by a long shot. I think they are trying to catch up to the American women....

they all need to take a few steps back before its too late.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

American women in Israel are very rude

From French man in Israel:

Are all american women/girls obnoxious spoiled brats? So, I've been living in Tel Aviv for a couple of days now and there seems to be a whole lot of Americans around these parts. Every single american woman that I have had the displeasure of standing behind in a line or whatever has been mean and obnoxious to the poor guy/girl in the register. Wtf is up with that? They seem really spoiled and annoying. No us girlies for me! Going to avoid them like the friggin plague.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Steve, an American man happily married to an Asian woman

Steve from Ohio:

I gave up on American women 12 years ago. Dated them, tried to have relationships but they always sabotaged or destroyed it. Manipulative and play the guilt/blame game. Sex is another game that can be withheld, teased with, used as a threat when they flirt with others in front of you. They always have several guy "friends" calling, contacting daily etc. They need to be held up on a pedestal, constant attention, gifts, encouragement, praise. They can be in a bitchy mood whenever they want, but if you get mad then you are abusive, angry, threatening etc.

-They will use others against you like their parents, your parents, your own friends etc.
-They are liars and cheats and they consider it fair game and even brag about it with their friends how they pulled one over on you.
-They will betray you and secretly consider it that they one-upped you.

If you really want to know who you will be marrying and what your life will be like for the next 40-60 years then go visit her parents for a week before you marry her. I promise you that you will thank me from the core of your soul after you see how whipped and broken down and unhappy her father is and how her mother embodies all those things I have listed above.

Married (12 years) to an asian gal that I worked with for two years. She is honest, trustworthy, private, great family person, responsible with money, we work as a team. We discuss and make decisons together. She does not do anything to cause arguments or make life stressful. She is very smart and works hard like I do.

The american dream is an apt name for what fantastic ways we have allowed ourselves to be deluded about what is happiness and what is a dream.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brad says American women are parasites

Brad in Utah:

The women in Amerika are so brainwashed and STUPID, you are far better off, to just write them off. It would be better to simply be ALONE, than go through the mental torment of living with one of these unreasonable, irrational, illogical, selfish, fickle, self-righteous, life sucking parasites. You DO understand that God DID create a hierarchy in the human race... right? Where EVERYBODY is in charge, NOBODY is in charge. And that is a concept that CANNOT work. You are looking at the results right now, with your 50+% divorce rate, and MILLIONS of fatherless bastards, resulting from sperm donors who end up wanting nothing to do with these rebellious, spoiled, irrational women.