Thursday, February 17, 2011

American man in Europe discovers the truth

An American man in Europe speaks:

I traveled for a few months abroad in Europe and Asia, and could not believe the difference in "foreign" women to North American girls.

The foreigners seemed like "real women" somehow, whereas the girls here are not attractive to me! For a long time I suspected I might be gay, because I have been put off by so many of the women here in America, despite them being technically OK-looking... I thought, what is wrong with me? Why aren't I attracted to these girls? I only jerk off to pictures of girls online, and even tried out some gay porn as an experiment, but it didn't do it for me.

So what is the problem?

I think it is because the woman here subtlety ACT LIKE MEN. Though they might look pretty, they put out signals which are coded with a very male-vibe. People on this board seem to call that "feminism" - I dunno if I agree with that term or not - but I do agree that generally speaking, the woman I see here are NOT GIRLY - not in the way that is unconsciously attractive to men. They think and behave like men in (sometimes very attractive) female bodies. I think it tends to shut down my unconscious desire to pursue them as mates... I can admire their beauty, but I don't feel "it" - that pull to want to get to know them better. I think my biology gets confused. I am attracted to their body, but put off by their mannishness.

I remember sitting around at a party, and all the girls were playing video games and hooting like 10-year old boys - loud, obnoxious, being really over-the-top violent and vulgar - It was really weird. I remember I made eye contact with this other guy in the room and WE WERE BOTH THINKING IT - because as boys, we remember behaving like that when we were 10. We never spoke about it, but it's like we had both agreed that this was f*cked up! Girls should not act like this.

It's hard to define what I mean by "real women". I know a lot of girls on this board will get all up in arms that I'm being sexiest - it's not that... I don't expect a "real woman" to be subservient, weak, vulnerable, or stupider than me. But dammit, I DO expect her to be GIRLY! She should have a feminine energy about her - the moon to my sun, the yin to my yang, and so on... I don't care what she looks like on the outside - she should be a girl on the inside.

That is what I saw in the European and Asian women... they had more innate "girliness" - They are sexier, more lithe, sleek, seductive, move with more grace, have a more delicate, refined mystique about them. Their body language is softer, cooler, more reserved... But these are not weak women! Hidden in that is a sly strength, like a purring tiger, ready to pounce and strike. They are not as outwardly crass and outspoken, not as boarish and boyish, and not as bullish and frantic as their NA counterparts. They still know subtlety is sexy, that less is more, and that they have power as women that doesn't come exclusive from their tits.

I suspect that North American girls have just been over-exposed to (and corrupted by) our hyper-aggressive male-driven corporate culture. It's trained them to behave like men in the boardroom - and now they unconsciously do it outside of it as well. It has nothing to do with "equal rights" and everything to do with the unconscious dynamics of gender cues. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck......

I suspect every time a guy posts his dating woes b*tching about all the "cold" women of TO, he is unconsciously referencing this. Women here are just not naturally that attractive to men outside of money and power structures. The men, for their part, are acting mostly on their biological imperatives, geared for feminine woman - instead, they are meeting the wall of women-turned-woMEN, who demand an even MORE aggressive hype-male version to be successful in the club/dating scene (i.e. the "Seduction Game")