Friday, February 25, 2011

American women hate Asian women

Johhny B Goode says:

LOL! It is SOOOOOO funny to see how angry and envious American women become when you start talking about asian women.

And no, asian women are generally very chaste. The divorce rate in Asia is much lower than that in America. So, once again, your argument that "asian women are whores" is totally wrong. It is AMERICAN WOMEN who are the REAL WHORES.

If you want a nice girl who will be loyal to you, marry an asian girl. And don't listen to all of the envious ranting of the idiotic and pathetic American whore women who are jealous.

Just face it, American girls- you have LOST to asian women. So many American men now date asian women and avoid American women entirely.

Not just me, but MILLIONS of American men are waking up and realizing how horrible American women are, and are thus rejecting them and marrying foreign women.

LOL! Some idiot said "American white women are the standard of beauty worldwide".

Yea, so that's why you see so many fat ass white women in America, but you go to Asia or Europe, and you rarely see fat women?

Don't kid yourself, American women have the worst reputation in the world. No one wants them.

Even American men don't want them, which is why over 50 percent of American women are single.

Wake up and smell the facts. American women are the worst women in the world.

LOL! Most American men who date an asian girl EVEN ONCE swear to themselves to never EVER AGAIN date western women, especially American women, who are at the bottom of the barrel.

Why would someone who has tasted fine wine ever go back to drinking cheap low class wine?