Friday, February 11, 2011

Germans hate American women

Here is what a person from Germany says:

"American women are definitely the fattest women on earth, and the rudest. Not fun to be around. And they dress like they slept in a garbage can. Just saying."
He agrees that American women are totally disgusting. Americans, you need to wake up and see the truth- NO ONE WANTS YOUR WHORE WOMEN ANYMORE! Why else are so many American women marrying asian and foreign women? WAKE UP FROM YOUR PATHETIC FANTASY DREAM WORLD, YOU FOOLS!

Well, for men who are looking for easy sex, I guess American women are not bad. But for men who are looking for GOOD WOMEN to marry, who will be good mothers and good wives, American women are the worst women in the world. The divorce rate is over 60 percent, the white american women are such whores that they will cheat on their husband, then divorce him and take all of his money and children thru the divorce courts.

Only a complete idiot would marry an American woman.
White American women are sick. Only a diseased human being would dare touch one.