Monday, February 7, 2011

Jim speaks about traditional values

Jim, from America:

What's wrong with American women? Internet sent them over the edge. So did family court, and female judges. Courts have American women believing they can whore about shopping for a 'bargain' and if the marriage goes south they can rake in all the man's belongings being victorious in the end...and even more whore like.

Two places women should not be. Court and Washington. Numbers show they do more damage then good, by far. Sure there are exceptions, but too far too little to make it worth the aggravation seeking them.

Type 'sex' on the internet. You will find one trillion websites with naked women exploiting their goods. 13yo to 80yo. wtf. Stay home, listen to your father, your husband, keep your cloths on, support your man, or find yourself running amok in the face of wormwood.

Also, read the Bible. See what Jesus though of whores. Yeah, he looked right through them.

I'm single, desirable, and looking out of the country now. Good, straight, women are too hard to find.

btw, Ive dated 2-3 women out of the country, and found them more down to Earth and appreciative. Not 'perfect' by a long shot. I think they are trying to catch up to the American women....

they all need to take a few steps back before its too late.