Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John: do not marry American women!

John from Nevada:

Most American women have became very independent, rebellious, have lost traditional values, and will divorce they're husbands at the drop of a hat. Being an American man and of course growing up in America, I never really saw it, until I spent a year in Russia. Many years ago, I took an international job and I lived in Russia for 1 year and I was shocked at Russian women. First, they are very beautiful, they take great pride in their looks. I honestly saw very few big women, which here in the states, you see big women everywhere, it's even being accepted here now. Also, you will never see a Russian lady out in public wearing sweat paints with hair up and no make-up, as so many American women do. Second, they are very traditional, their husband and family always comes first (not a career). They believe the man is the "bread winner" of the family and a Russian wife will always stand by her husband and always support her husband. During the ups and downs of a marriage, a Russian wife is dedicated and loyal to her husband and family and will always be there, while most American women will leave if things get hard.

My first wife was an American woman and she was the "typical" American woman, my second wife for the past 10yrs is a wonderful Russian lady. I believe Eastern European women and American men make a great match.