Monday, February 21, 2011

Michael says American women hate good men

Michael from Maine, USA:

Women, at least American women, have little tolerance for any man who has any self respect and/or character. They will, collectively and individually, discriminate against, oppress, and denigrate the same. They seem to only tolerate men who are base and weak.

I like women outside of the USA much better. They seem to like those same characteristics in men which American women despise.

My advice to men is to avoid all personal,professional,business, and social contact with American women. This strategy has both offensive and defensive characteristics. By doing the same, you will avoid being "surrounded and destroyed" by them, a defensive strategy. At the same time, there are many individuals and entities who, when observing that there are no men with character around to defend these women, will unhesitatingly attack the same (this is the offensive portion of this strategy.

A man who follows this strategy will be much happier personally and much more successful in his professional life.