Thursday, February 3, 2011

Steve, an American man happily married to an Asian woman

Steve from Ohio:

I gave up on American women 12 years ago. Dated them, tried to have relationships but they always sabotaged or destroyed it. Manipulative and play the guilt/blame game. Sex is another game that can be withheld, teased with, used as a threat when they flirt with others in front of you. They always have several guy "friends" calling, contacting daily etc. They need to be held up on a pedestal, constant attention, gifts, encouragement, praise. They can be in a bitchy mood whenever they want, but if you get mad then you are abusive, angry, threatening etc.

-They will use others against you like their parents, your parents, your own friends etc.
-They are liars and cheats and they consider it fair game and even brag about it with their friends how they pulled one over on you.
-They will betray you and secretly consider it that they one-upped you.

If you really want to know who you will be marrying and what your life will be like for the next 40-60 years then go visit her parents for a week before you marry her. I promise you that you will thank me from the core of your soul after you see how whipped and broken down and unhappy her father is and how her mother embodies all those things I have listed above.

Married (12 years) to an asian gal that I worked with for two years. She is honest, trustworthy, private, great family person, responsible with money, we work as a team. We discuss and make decisons together. She does not do anything to cause arguments or make life stressful. She is very smart and works hard like I do.

The american dream is an apt name for what fantastic ways we have allowed ourselves to be deluded about what is happiness and what is a dream.