Friday, March 25, 2011

American men are tired of feminism

Bobby from Kansas:

American men are tired of feminism, plain and simple. What started off as a positive movement has turned into and ugly beast. Men are tired of all the complaining, anti depressants, self pity, and double standards.

Men now have so many choices when searching for a partner in life. Guys, spend some time in any Asian country and you will realize what you have been missing. It has nothing to do with being submissive. This is just an easy way for American women to rationalize why many men now reject them. If it was not for the high cost of travel, and the immigration nightmare, more men would be marrying abroad. I did it 10 years ago and I am so thankful everyday!

What makes it a harder pill to swallow is that American women do not have the same option. Where else in the world are American women going to find men that are so wimpy and kiss so much