Sunday, March 27, 2011

Austin says American women suck

Austin from Texas says:

American women…,ahh man I tell you they are very unique. I think it all started with the freaken feminst equal right movement. Because untill then women were WOMEN. I mean they spoke, dressed and behaved like women and they knew their limits. But now, its hard to even spot a women with morals anymore.

Equal rights and freedom for women is wrongly understood for independence to what ever they want. Meaning, break the barriers of age old values and morals.


1. we see women threatening to divorce husbands and leave with children for very petty and silly reasons.

2. Sueing men for child support while they can sit on their fat asses and watch tv all day.

3. Men can’t be honest and say they dont like something that their women does– in fear that she might drop a divorce bomb shell or break up anytime.

4. Laws and the culture here have made america a breeding ground for women that are worlds worst slobs.

So people, get smarter, times have changed, and women have transformed themselves beyond belief in this country. Turning into psychotic, bipolar, direspectful and insane slobs.

Women in other countries are raised differently. They are taught to be supportive, to respect and care of their men and their families that. Due to this they make good wives and home makers. And they also stick wtih their men throuigh think and thin not leaving their partners. They work towards making thing better in all way possible. Their men and thier families come first.

So, Find some one who is not from United States. Countries like, Thai land, Phillipines, indonesia, India(may be) might be good places to look for.

Good Luck Guys!!