Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joe's message to American women

Joe's message to all American women:

You know what bitches? thats still a man’s sperm you are using to impregnate yourself.Just cos you are too ugly to fuck,meg.All you dumb cunts need to start respecting men.If you have any power,men gave it to you.

You American females like being muscular like us,men.Fine but don’t act like you can survive without us.To the fag with the dumb post above me,if you like being so feminent and handing over all the power to women,you have no right to call yourself a man.Man was,is and always will be superior to women.If females wanted to be strong,independent,in control who the fuck do you think these dumb vags learned it from?MEN.Fuck all feminist cunts and the dumb faggots who support them.No such thing as being “equal”.Menarebetterthanwomen.com.Suck it fat,ugly feminists and burn in hell fags.