Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Normal man replies to hateful feminist

Normal man replies to hateful feminist

Hateful feminist says: Men are not doing what they're supposed to.

Normal man: Who are you to define what men should do? If a man defines what women do, you and the rest of the "feminists" scream patriarchy! So why should men listen to you?

Hateful feminist: Is it because of women spoiling them?

Normal man: Women continue to spoil the worst alpha male types, who don't appreciate it and crap on the nice guys. Who's fricking fault is that?

Hateful feminst: Less men are taking the role of fathers/care takers/providers and they actually expect their spouse to continually baby them and stroke their ego even though in most cases they don't deserve such attention.

Normal man: Women don't allow men to be fathers. Your kind constantly says things like the baby is mine cause it comes out of my body. Women dump their husbands and don't allow fathers to see their kids, and the feminists run courts allow that. If you want men to take more responsibility, you have to allow men to have ACTUAL RIGHTS. Something you and your sisters will never allow.

Hateful Feminst: In the two parent homes I've noticed the mother playing the role as mother and father while the father is out for long periods: womanizing, betting, or doing criminal activities.

Normal man: You forgot working long hours like a slave so the princess and HER kids can have whatever they want. Typical smug modern day feminsts atttitued you have there.

Hateful Feminist: The wealthy tend to throw money at their problems and tend to be absent fathers due to "work". Has this become the average American home? The women take all the burden while the men go out and have fun. What do you think is the issue with American men?

Normal man: So if you bust your butt and provide a great life for your wife and kids lthen you're and evil absent male due to "work" if you stay home, you're a lazy bum with no ambition. BTW work, is not fun and fricking games! Work, real work, important work that makes money is hard! No one pays you alot of money for doing nothing! if you actaully had a real job, you'd understand that. And you wonder why more men don't want to sign up and marry constantly whining harpys such aas yourself.

Hateful Feminsts: What do you think is the issue with American men?

Normal man: Maybe there aren't any women worth rising to the occasion for. You're proof of that.