Monday, March 7, 2011

Tim says American women are unwanted by foreign men

Tim from America speaks:

If American women are so desireble, why are there so many websites out there trying to hook up American men with foreign women, although there are NO websites out there trying to hook up American women with foreign women?

If American women are so desirable, why is it that over 50 percent of them are single with no boyfriend/husband?

Sorry, you American women need to WAKE UP and come out of your pathetic dream world. NO ONE WANTS YOU! The only men you can get are American men who are stupid enough to date you. Otherwise, no man in the world wants anything to do with an American woman.

In poll after poll, American men are the most desirable husbands in the whole world, and the same polls show that American women are the LEAST desirable wives in the whole world.

Time to wake up and smell the facts. Sorry if it bursts your pathetic bubble, American ladies.