Sunday, March 13, 2011

White American women can't stand white men marrying non-white women

Roger in America:

Any American man who has travelled outside of America can testify to how different foreign women are from American women. My question is- do you think American women are the biggest whores on earth?

No where else has such a high infidelity rate, divorce rate, and so on, that America has. Also, American women are totally low class compared to foreign women.

Another question is- What sane American man would marry an American woman, when there are so many nice girls avaliable in the world today, such as from Asia, South America, Middle East?

No, the fact is, asian women are generally very intelligent, chaste, and well behaved, in contrast to the barbarian American woman, who acts like a totally uncivilized animal.

The only American men who marry American women are the men who have never been outside of America before. Otherwise, they would see how low class American women are in comparison to women of other countries.

I mean, come on!, let's just face the facts:


That is why white women are so envious of asian women, especially asian women who date/marry white guys.