Saturday, April 23, 2011

American women are living in a fantasy world

George from Lousianna:

American women have unrealistic, idealized visions of their dream guy and dream life. These visions are basically impossible and completely unrealistic to attain. So American women will just move from man to man for years, dating hundreds of men and never finding the perfect one.

Sure, some of them do find this perfect man, the 1% of men out there who are rich, classy, educated, in shape, healthy, upscale, socially charming and also compatable with that particular woman's personality. Some women do find this dream man who matches the media-perpetuated ideal of the ideal mate. But most women never find it, so they date hundreds and hundreds of guys, never finding the right one.

Although American women demand such perfection from men, they are truely in no position to be picky. Many of them are physically quite unnattractive, it is no secret that America has the highest obesity rates in the world for decades until very recently. The average American woman truely does NOT have an impressive physique. But to be fair, many American men are overweight and do not take care of thir bodies either.

If you manage to gain an American woman's interest and begin dating her. She will dump you if you make one wrong move. One social blunder, one weakness revealed, one vulnerability exposed, and they will turn on you and begin the process all over again with a new man next week.

They do not try to make things work. They do not try to compromise. They do not simply accept your flaws. Instead they just move on.

Indeed, American women these days are true "players". But unlike male "players" who are out mainly for sex, American women are out for sex, financial stability, money and a personality free from any weaknesses in their mates.

Not all women are like this. In many other cultures. The women still believe in romance, passion, personality, finding a man with is interesting and creative..... not in the USA though. Dating in the USA is like going to McDonalds or Starbucks. It's cheap, simple, they know what they want, and it had better be perfect or else they will take it back and go somewhere else. It is like a business deal, a contract in which everything is clearly outlined and must be met, or else the contract will be broken immediately.

Of course not ALL american women are like this. But the vast majority of them are. This is what the media tells them they should be. This is what many of them have been indoctrinated into in todays society. This is what American culture has become thanks to the awful TV, music, and other media that brainwashes people from a young age.

For you men out there who have traveled the world and dated in other countries. Surely you know what i'm saying.

America is a country full of sexually frustrated men who cannot find girlfriends because the women are so incredibly elusive and perfectionist. Especially we working men who do not have money to throw around and to pamper women with. Our dating lives are abysmal. Even though we have a lot to offer, even though we are in shape, handsome, creative, kind.... no money, no luck.

In many other countries, we men have a MUCH more satisfying dating life, and a much better chance of finding a good, stable, accepting, down to Earth women to fall in love with. Who is happy just living the simple life and BUILDING a life with you, instead of looking for a man who has already built his life up.