Thursday, April 21, 2011

American women complain too much

Mr. Fully Monty, from New York:

American women are conditioned (ALL while seldom being disciplined- that's TWICE why women got such leeway to be social devients) from the very start to be fake, demanding, condesceding, conceded, punky, selfish, often shitty lays depending on wimp factor who takes them to bed, controlling, stubborn, macho, emasculating, manipulative, "want a man to gay it up and often act TOUCHY FEELY", catty, irresponsible, child-like (often acting like little girls well into their 40's) "i dont need a man" quick to cheat whore walk away with everything you have mindset...all while not saving anyone from anything and their "strengths" are too often used for bad insead of good. 

Why marry a foreign woman instead of an American woman? Because many of the American women are nothing but complainers. Sound familiar? My foreign born wife is absolutely perfect. A keeper forever.