Tuesday, April 5, 2011

American women have unfair double standard

Victor in Ohio:

I don't feel feminism was all that bad (at least in the more opportunities for women sense)and i don't feel women should just be submissive, mindless slaves (how boring that would be for me)but the REAL problem is you have too many women in this country that suffer from the "spoiled princess syndrome". There is a noticable line between a strong, intelligent, respectful, feminine women and the overgirly spoiled princess. There is an unfair double standard against american men today. Women will bitch about guys that hit on them, even make fun of, start rumors or even get other guys after them (this exists trust me at least where i live) then wonder why men don't want to approach them and complain when they aren't getting hit on by further degrading men even more by calling them all types of names. Most American women that are at least average looking on up like this power they have to get men to feel they need to approach them (IF THEY ARE REAL MEN, they will say) so they can enjoy degrading men to only choose men that will disrespect them anyways. It seems finally American men are finally getting smarter themselves and not falling for this charade. That's why you hear more women complaining more than ever about guys not approaching them anymore. You can also thank these overabundent "dating experts, coaches and books" that further brainwash women to play games with men. Next time you hear a spoiled princess say "where did all the cowboys go?", tell them they went to Russia because even they are sick of the double standards, me me me, shallow wants and needs (read most american women's dating profiles where thier interests are romance novels, nightclubs and cellphones) yes means no and no means yes baloney, i found those who had less growing up and actually had to work for everything they had are more respectful towards other people and don't take as many things for granted, both true for men and women here.