Friday, April 29, 2011

Blake says American women are too selfish

Blake from Hong Kong (from America originally):

Claiming that American men who marry foreign women just want submissive slaves, is just sour grapes on the part of American women. Furthermore, the only reason many American women enjoy careers and 'independence' is because big daddy government imposes quotas and affirmative action which make it mandatory to hire women and admit them into colleges and universities. Men don't have this unfair advantage. Whatever men have, it's because they earned it on their own by themselves and therefore deserve more credit.

In answer to this question, the reason I went overseas was because after 4 (yes 4) unsuccessful relationships back to back from American women I decided that possibly that I could meet someone that would NOT take me for a ride. American women are nothing but greedy, arogant, pompous witches and care nothing for anyone but them selves. Well maybe their kids but only if it gets them what they want and desire. As an American male I have been subject to ridicule by many, NOT All women. However, most American females are looking out for number one and not for anyone else. It does not matter what area of the U.S. They are from they only care for what they can get out of someone.