Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boycott western women!

Lenny from Kentucky:

What a totally dumbass people American women are, claiming to be "independent and strong". Independence doesn't mean running around shouting and screaming all the time like you are some immature 10 year old, which is what most American and western women act like.

American women claim that American women are "strong" and "independent"? They are such fools that they don't even know what strength is. Strength comes from faith in God, and chastity to one's husband. That is real strength.

Anyway, the truth is out- NO ONE WANTS AMERICAN/WESTERN WOMEN ANYMORE! Over 50 percent of women in America are single and the statistics are probably somewhat similar in other western countries. So, my dear western ladies, enjoy living alone with your 10 cats, while all of the men go and live with beautiful and down to earth foreign women.