Saturday, April 9, 2011

John says American women can't compete with foreign girls

From John, an American living in eastern Europe:

Hey Andy? Have you read some of these answers? Hilarious!
Me thinks U.S.A women know in their heart of hearts what you say is true, that's why they have to resort to put downs.

American women are more depressed than ever and are turning into Kristy Alley overnight because they eat more fast food and Hagen Daz ice cream in a week than Europeans do in six months. They put on the extra pounds because they no longer respect their husbands.

I agree. I've lived in eastern Europe for a year and what he said is all true. Personally, I like American (and western) women as friends, but anything romantic? Forget about it! First of all, many give off masculine, negative energy: They swear too much, act independent, career driven, have attitude problems, want someone to challenge them, dress like men, and are proud of the fact they can't cook. Do you honestly think men are turned on by that? I'm not. I always laugh when a guy says that's what he wants in a woman, but seriously, they just want to get into her panties because he's desperate and can't attract a normal woman. Now, of course I'm generalizing, but based on experience this is the norm for the majority of western women; and you know what they say about stereotypes and generalizations? IT'S ALL TRUE! After living in eastern Europe I can tell you first hand women are very feminine, slim, and attractive and don't let themselves go after they get married like American women do. Ten years from now, the majority of people living in eastern Europe will know English as a second language and more and more men from feminized societies will come over and look for worthy brides for marriage compared to the freemales they could be stuck with. Because they let themselves go, and don't care what other people (especially men) think of them. In eastern Europe for example, women take pride in their appearance and act more feminine and are family orientated that make American females cringe.

I laugh when women here say, "women are the same everywhere." This couldn't be further from the truth. For one thing, after marriage, they don't let themselves go and turn into starch bombs but remain hot after 2-3 kids.

Marrying an American women is a liability since the divorce rate is at 50% which is initiated 80% by women. Seems like they're first to want marriage, and first to opt out of it. In Europe, it's not that high except in the U.K.

I'll tell you, teaching English in eastern Europe has many advantages. Too bad I didn't make the choice 10 years ago after university.

I've also discovered through the blogosphere more and more western men are searching non western countires to find someone to marry. Who can blame them?