Monday, May 9, 2011

American women are all bad apples

Preston from Arizona:

Ever hear about the one bad rotten apple ruining the whole basket full of them? Well usually theres always a few bad ones everywhere you go; however in the good old USA there is just such a prevalent plethora of them ranging from all ages that the bad apples outweigh the good ones; leaving us men to look elsewhere and not __take the risk__ of ending up with a rotten one.

The logic here of 'mail order brides' is that in a foreign area such as south america, eastern europe; or southeast asia you are more likely to end up with a good apple.

Look; a lot of my friends and colleagues have taken upon themselves to only date american women for fun (they'll never admit it to their lovers) and then when serious travel and look for a foreign women to have kids with. Its depressing and its not how it should be but somehow this trend is getting more and more popular. Maybe its the men in this country; maybe its the women or how our social standards are.

To put it bluntly- don't ever marry an American woman. They will turn your life into a living hell.