Sunday, May 1, 2011

American women are hypocrites

Anon from America:

I have spoken to my friends from the east and it is considered more imporant for a woman to be supportive and to care for her family. In the west the just seem to be fat and demanding. Is it true that western women are mostly spoiled brats ? But yes I do see it a lot these days espcially the "I am independant but a real man pays for my dinner, clothes etc..."

Now reverse that to "I am a good cook but a real woman cooks my food for me!" There's be war with the second one. Many women want to enjoy the privilidges of equality like earn your own money but also dont want to lose the priviliges of the old "chivalrous" system of men "keeping" women. Now ladies I know men are selfish too, but men are not going around saying we are not selfish and only women are that, we're not lying about it.