Friday, May 27, 2011

American Women are very, very bitter about foreign women

Anthony in USA:

Angry bitter American women can't handle the fact that not only American men, but most of the men in the world see their type as nothing but bitchy, arrogant, selfish, and not worth the time of day. Men throughout the world have a negative view of American women and the only ones who can't accept this as fact happen to be American women. Again, I know you can't and probably never will understand that the world we live in does not see American women as anything but vile creatures, but I would suggest you leave your little bubble and try and see what people are really saying about the women in this country. The last place a man should look for a soulmate is here in America. So yes, while I desire a soulmate I have no interest in arrogant, bat shit crazy American women. I have read plenty on the different cultures I have visited and enjoy traveling. China and Japan are far from third world countries and I have met women here who are educated, smart, and some of them happen to be quite attractive. Men from developed countries infact do not have any interest in American women, unless these women are traveling in their country and they want an easy score. Even when the men from these countries you are thinking about are interested in meeting women outside of their land rarely is it ever to come over here and meet American women. These cultured worldly men that you think have such an interest in American women, in reality have no interest in the American female, and tend to spend their time in third world countries when they travel to meet women outside of their own country. So in reality they are just like the men you despise over here. Strange isn't it?