Monday, May 23, 2011

More lies from American women

Alexander from Maine writes:

To the feminist, the American woman is highly sought after while the American man is only wanted for his money. Or he is just a walking green card. This line of thinking is so played out and false that it's not even worth talking about anymore. Have fun living in your little world where all the men on this planet desire you, and us men are seen as nothing but a way to a better life. Whatever gets you through the day ladies. Of course most of the women I have met in Asia had no desire to leave their familes and come take up your way of life. So yeah, you are wrong, but then most American women have no concept of family, marriage, or anything other than what the ladies on the View have to say about evil men and their foreign brides. There is no demand for American women outside of this country. Lot's of demand for American men though. I think all those drugs you American women have taken for your various STDs are starting to have an affect on the brains of the idiotic American women.