Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tom says American women suck

Tom in America:

I'm American too. And yes, for the most part, American Women suck. The good ones are usually taken by 28.

Many women in the USA now seek a first partner that has a real good job making decent money, regardless of his looks or personality. spit out two kids, and then BAM. Divorce. She collects a decent child support check for 18-24 years for the kid(s). She finds another sucker for a husband who takes care of her and the kids, and she keeps the child support money to do whatever. The Father barely sees his kids, pays 20-30% of his salary for child support, 18-28% for taxes. What's left for him ?! CRUMBS. No wonder men are saying screw the system. and yet society and the system label them "dead beat dads". BS !