Wednesday, June 29, 2011

American women = emasculation

Brandon in California says:

American Women want to cut the balls off a guy. Want to spend our money but not theirs that belongs to them. Sit around bashing each other and complaining what a s.o.b. they deal with. Want us to just say yes dear and work ourselves into a early grave. Guess what women from other coutries have been raised to help their spouses and to be a asset to their marriage. Not some overindulged spoiled little princess who will call Daddy everytime she doesn't get her way. Many American women do not pay any respect to men, even the one's who deserve it. I respect women as people, but I don't like it when they don't pay us proper respect. That is a growing problem with American women.

Monday, June 27, 2011

American women are monsters

Evan in America writes:

Learning by the observation of others works like a charm. I have seen this pattern of American women using men, and the courts facilitating it since the early 1980's. It's all about need versus desire. Do I desire women, Yessiree. Do I need one to fulfill my life, Hell NO. You don't need to stick you're hand in the rattlesnake pit to know that you WILL be bitten. I've seen too many of my friends working their asses off to pay alimony and child support. And I ask each one of them if they would have done anything differently. The answer is almost always "Don't get tangled-up with any of these american female monsters!!" I'm single and happy to have never made that mistake.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

American women don't want good men

Nick says:

I'm pretty sure most american men don't want a slave. With the divorce rate so high, most men are doing it all for themselves anyway. You can ride through my neighborhood
, and the men are either working in their yards, or working in their shops repairing things. They cook and clean for themselves, and some are single fathers with kids. The problem is, American women DO NOT want a good man. To them a good man just is not attractive. The bad boys seem to get all the action. A GOOD man will catch his wife banging his best friend. A GOOD man is weak in a womans eyes. An asshole gets all the ass, while a good man........ well, he just gets f##ked.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

American women are total bitches

Jonathon from USA:

American men fall in love with the women not the nationality. Yes yes. And American women demand much while giving little back in return (cooking, cleaning, being hot,not nagging), have emotional baggage, are over priced, and are generally bitchy. So why would we fall in love with that? When they are nice, we love them no matter what nationality- no doubt about that -but right now, at this point in time, it aint American women. That is why men should live without women. Let her take care of herself since you will have to cook and clean for YOURself anyway. Makes sense to me. To those women who wish to be sexually emancipated and treated just like "one of the fellas" I say, more power to you, enjoy yourselves, but don't expect an intelligent, refined gentleman to consider you marriage material...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

American women don't want families

Jack from Kansas:

American women are sad because they don't want a family a husband or a home. They want to be on their own and alone. Yes they want to live a modern life. Play games and use men for their money and what they can have. But when the man expects anything from them it is no way Jose for them. The femi nazi's have told women behave like a man to get a man. Most single women want a guy they can push around and then say there are no real men out there. They want their men to nothing more then a fluffed up poodle being carried around in their handbag. Women will start a fight with another guy and expect the boyfriend to stand up for them. So Now you know why men are not marrying American women. They are spoiled self centered little witches who love nothing more to cause trouble. Now all you single women know why a guy dates you and after a couple of weeks dumps you. It is because you are shallow,sad and just a plain old b!tch who thinks your julia roberts but in reality your like Roseann Barr white trailer park trash. That is why you are sad,jaded, and bitter towards every single man you meet. You sit at home eating gallons of ice cream with whip cream and tears streaming down you face in the candlelight reading your romance novels. But remember those guys aren't real just like your expectations of men. That is why your alone.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

American women living in Asia are single and miserable

Tyler Durden from Chicago says:

American women are like spoiled children. They are self-focused, insecure and irrational. They crave drama and games. They demand constant attention, reassurance, and above all, power in relationships. And, like children, who ceaselessly push limits to see just how much they can get away with from their parents, American women relentlessly test men. Go to any Asian country and you will see the difference between the American women's dating life and American men's dating life. It pisses you off that WHITE AMERICAN MEN are wanted by asian women so you come up with every excuse in the book. "They can't get quality American women," "they just want the green card," "my gf told me this was so." It's obvious that you can't handle that asian women are attracted to WHITE MEN and this pisses you off to no end. On the other hand, many American/Western women living in Asia are single, can't get a date, can't find a man, and are totally miserable. I have no idea how many of the Forbes 500 are married to American women. But I can guarantee you that very few foreign billionaries, and other men throughtout the world who have money want to, or are married to American women. If you compare wealthy American men who are married to foreign brides, to the rest of the men in the entire world who have wealth and are married to American women, you will finally realise that no foreign man, rich or not, wants to end up with a nightmare like an American woman. There is and never will be any great demand by men outside of the U.S. to marry or have anything other than easy sex with American broads. No one wants you, and the only reason you are able to get laid here is because men have no choice but to sleep with women like yourself. It's basically skanky, sort of skanky, bitchy, angry, or really skanky. What a choice we have.

Friday, June 17, 2011

American women are the lowest class of women on earth

Nathan from America writes:

There is a reason why American women get so angry anytime the subject of Asian women marrying and dating American men is brought up. These women are crazy for white guys, and there are many happy, normal relationships between American men and Asian women. Men don't want an American woman on top of them. The sheer mass would break most men's bones. All the stupid tv shows where American women are shown as the brightest, most beautiful, and toughest women on earth. The rest of the world knows this is false, and the only ones who buy into it are the idiotic American women living here in the States. I know it pisses off American women that most of the world sees you and the rest of your clan as a bunch of selfish, narcissists, but the quicker you can accept this as fact, and that they really don't you see as intelligent, strong women, the closer you will be to living in reality, and not this fantasy land where you are a desired, beautiful, tough woman. And you ladies spend to much time watching Oprah and reading magazines like Redbook that only tell you what you want to hear, and how "special" and "great" you are. I have no idea what statistics you are talking about that prove that American women are these shining lights of beacon to the world, but I'm guessing you probably heard it on the View or some other daytime talk show that caters to American women and their narcissism.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mason speaks the truth about American women

Mason in Washington writes:

You know I gotta say, a lot of American women really suck. Not all of them do, but a lot. They just go crazy with the whole stupid feminist bullsh*t, trying to prove they are just as manly as men, trying to take control of the relationship. Women aren't men, stop trying to act like it, it pisses us off! The more and more women try to take control, the higher the divorce rates get. Think that's a coincidence? The nice thing about foreign women is that they are far more respectful of the man's place in a relationship. Many American women have no respect for men, and for that reason they suck.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Russian girls blow American women AWAY

Robert from USA writes:

I have dated both American women and the native Russian (and Asian women) overseas and I believe that these foreign women are much more accomodating and attune to men's needs and they would definately make superior partners. It seems to me that an increasing number of American men are "side-stepping" American feminist women and instead, they are dating or marrying foreign women. Now for the first time in the U.S. history, EVER, more than half of the American women remain unmarried and can not even find their partner. So for any of you single ladies over 40 years old who are still hoping to find that special MAN in your future, I say keep on dreaming, baby! Frankly, I wouldn't even touch these old spinsters with a 10 foot pole! LOL!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

American women are spoiled little brats

Logan from New Mexico:

The problem is most American women have had Daddy call them princess and given them everything they can afford to give. Todays American women wiggle around playing the temptress and vamp. Thinking becuase they have a vagina men owe them something.
American women just accept the ho hum approach to housekeeping and child rearing.
Don't want to cook and gossip about their husband with their female friends and just bad mouth him for never being enough. Foreign born women are greatful to find a man to love them to fulfill their dreams of being a good wife,lover, and mother. American women want to rule the roost and just be petty and vindictive and let's face it a femi nazi. Foreign born women are exotic and beautiful and want to fulfill their every dream to become a mother,a wife and a lover otherwise a sucess to herself and her family. Sorry American Women but your losing the battle of the sexes.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Ryan from New York:

You are right. While there are THOUSANDS of international dating sites that help to match AMERICAN MEN with FOREIGN WOMEN, I haven't found a single site that matches american women with foreign men. Apparently, there is NO demand for American women among the men around the world. Even in the U.S., this demand for American women (except for very young, attractive ones) are continually declining, while the demand for foreign brides has literally exploded over the years. The word is out ladies, many American men are now saying "I want a foreign woman, not an American woman!".

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tiger Woods boycotted American women

Joseph in Missouri:

The point is Tiger Woods chose a beautiful Sweedish model over an American woman. He could have had his choice of any woman in the world, why not choose an American woman like yourself? Probably because most of you are a bunch of delusional, angry, pychos would be my guess? American men are side stepping American women? More like running these days:) This is the attitude of an american woman. My best friend has been married for 26 years to the same woman. He took care of her, bought a house, bought her cars, etc etc etc. Last year he got hurt on the job, and gets disability. This ball busting, scum sucking bitch starts complaining to him about not having enough money, and left him. I am married a great belarusian, and he wanted the same. I introduced him to one of my wife's old friends in Belarus. They hit it off right away, and are doing real good. His words, I have heard from so many men. "I will never, ever marry an american woman again". I said these same words. Thousands of American men are learning how manipulative, and evil an american woman can be, and are just damn sick of it. At the rate it is going the American woman will live alone, while every American men will be happily married. In the next 20 years years single men will have ass galore.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

American women can't compete

David from USA:

American women say they welcome the competition but lets be a little bit more honest shall we, you American women can't compete. Plain and simple. Oh yes I know you American women are a strong independent woman with a mind of her own, but let's try and be a bit more honest shall we? If we weren't so isolated from the rest of the world over here in America and you really had to compete you would lose. Of course I'm guessing you are single now, so it really wouldn't be any different would it? The fact the you're another crackpot feminist who thinks American women are desired throughout the world? You can't show me any stats or any proof that foreign men are looking to marry or date American women. So I'm sure while in your mind you are highly desired wherever you go, it's probably more your pychosis then it is that you are wanted and respected in these countries. If American women could compete they wouldn't need all these laws protecting them.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wealthy American men marry foriegn girls

Matthew in West Virginia writes:

The wealthy men in this country who have foreign brides, compared to the number of wealthy foreigners who are married to American women is a number that should tell you all need to know about how desirable foreign men consider you. Marrying an American woman is the biggest mistake one can make. They are like maintaining a white elephant. They are most likely to ditch you in old age. Why do American women talk through their noses? You know, that horrible whiney nasal delivery that so many American females affect. Personally I find it so grating and unpleasant that I often have to turn off newscasts and videos as I can't stand listening to it. Listen to a German woman or a Japanese woman or to any other kind of woman talking. They speak normally from the mouth and throat. But from the nose? Yech!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

IMBRA is meant to stop American men from marrying foreign girls

William in Florida:

Besides, if American women really could handle competition, they would repeal IMBRA. IMBRA prevents American men from marrying foreign women. It was created by jealous feminists when they discovered American men were rejecting them. Thus, IMBRA was created, under the false ideas of "protection" and "abuse prevention," gaining support using falsified information and misleading testimony, and passed with no debate, no questions answered and no violence statistics presented comparing violence rates. Senator Maria Cantwell in particular, claimed that international dating sites were involved in human trafficking of women to the United states (The department of justice had actually found no correlation at all).In reality, these laws make room for more violence against women and makes it easier for the green-card scammers to succeed. IMBRA is responsible for ruining 10,000 marriages due to "indefinite delays," many of which were between VETERANS and foreign women they met over seas. Veterans risked (and plenty of them lost) their lives fighting so we could live the lives we live today. Given all they've done, having feminazis deny them their right to marry foreign women seems like a pretty poor way to repay them, and proves how spoiled and ungrateful feminists truly are. But their refusal to give men repeal IMBRA just proves that they cannot compete foreign women, and have no intention of improving themselves to do so.