Friday, June 17, 2011

American women are the lowest class of women on earth

Nathan from America writes:

There is a reason why American women get so angry anytime the subject of Asian women marrying and dating American men is brought up. These women are crazy for white guys, and there are many happy, normal relationships between American men and Asian women. Men don't want an American woman on top of them. The sheer mass would break most men's bones. All the stupid tv shows where American women are shown as the brightest, most beautiful, and toughest women on earth. The rest of the world knows this is false, and the only ones who buy into it are the idiotic American women living here in the States. I know it pisses off American women that most of the world sees you and the rest of your clan as a bunch of selfish, narcissists, but the quicker you can accept this as fact, and that they really don't you see as intelligent, strong women, the closer you will be to living in reality, and not this fantasy land where you are a desired, beautiful, tough woman. And you ladies spend to much time watching Oprah and reading magazines like Redbook that only tell you what you want to hear, and how "special" and "great" you are. I have no idea what statistics you are talking about that prove that American women are these shining lights of beacon to the world, but I'm guessing you probably heard it on the View or some other daytime talk show that caters to American women and their narcissism.