Saturday, June 11, 2011

American women are spoiled little brats

Logan from New Mexico:

The problem is most American women have had Daddy call them princess and given them everything they can afford to give. Todays American women wiggle around playing the temptress and vamp. Thinking becuase they have a vagina men owe them something.
American women just accept the ho hum approach to housekeeping and child rearing.
Don't want to cook and gossip about their husband with their female friends and just bad mouth him for never being enough. Foreign born women are greatful to find a man to love them to fulfill their dreams of being a good wife,lover, and mother. American women want to rule the roost and just be petty and vindictive and let's face it a femi nazi. Foreign born women are exotic and beautiful and want to fulfill their every dream to become a mother,a wife and a lover otherwise a sucess to herself and her family. Sorry American Women but your losing the battle of the sexes.