Sunday, June 5, 2011

American women can't compete

David from USA:

American women say they welcome the competition but lets be a little bit more honest shall we, you American women can't compete. Plain and simple. Oh yes I know you American women are a strong independent woman with a mind of her own, but let's try and be a bit more honest shall we? If we weren't so isolated from the rest of the world over here in America and you really had to compete you would lose. Of course I'm guessing you are single now, so it really wouldn't be any different would it? The fact the you're another crackpot feminist who thinks American women are desired throughout the world? You can't show me any stats or any proof that foreign men are looking to marry or date American women. So I'm sure while in your mind you are highly desired wherever you go, it's probably more your pychosis then it is that you are wanted and respected in these countries. If American women could compete they wouldn't need all these laws protecting them.