Tuesday, June 21, 2011

American women don't want families

Jack from Kansas:

American women are sad because they don't want a family a husband or a home. They want to be on their own and alone. Yes they want to live a modern life. Play games and use men for their money and what they can have. But when the man expects anything from them it is no way Jose for them. The femi nazi's have told women behave like a man to get a man. Most single women want a guy they can push around and then say there are no real men out there. They want their men to nothing more then a fluffed up poodle being carried around in their handbag. Women will start a fight with another guy and expect the boyfriend to stand up for them. So Now you know why men are not marrying American women. They are spoiled self centered little witches who love nothing more to cause trouble. Now all you single women know why a guy dates you and after a couple of weeks dumps you. It is because you are shallow,sad and just a plain old b!tch who thinks your julia roberts but in reality your like Roseann Barr white trailer park trash. That is why you are sad,jaded, and bitter towards every single man you meet. You sit at home eating gallons of ice cream with whip cream and tears streaming down you face in the candlelight reading your romance novels. But remember those guys aren't real just like your expectations of men. That is why your alone.