Wednesday, June 1, 2011

IMBRA is meant to stop American men from marrying foreign girls

William in Florida:

Besides, if American women really could handle competition, they would repeal IMBRA. IMBRA prevents American men from marrying foreign women. It was created by jealous feminists when they discovered American men were rejecting them. Thus, IMBRA was created, under the false ideas of "protection" and "abuse prevention," gaining support using falsified information and misleading testimony, and passed with no debate, no questions answered and no violence statistics presented comparing violence rates. Senator Maria Cantwell in particular, claimed that international dating sites were involved in human trafficking of women to the United states (The department of justice had actually found no correlation at all).In reality, these laws make room for more violence against women and makes it easier for the green-card scammers to succeed. IMBRA is responsible for ruining 10,000 marriages due to "indefinite delays," many of which were between VETERANS and foreign women they met over seas. Veterans risked (and plenty of them lost) their lives fighting so we could live the lives we live today. Given all they've done, having feminazis deny them their right to marry foreign women seems like a pretty poor way to repay them, and proves how spoiled and ungrateful feminists truly are. But their refusal to give men repeal IMBRA just proves that they cannot compete foreign women, and have no intention of improving themselves to do so.