Friday, June 3, 2011

Wealthy American men marry foriegn girls

Matthew in West Virginia writes:

The wealthy men in this country who have foreign brides, compared to the number of wealthy foreigners who are married to American women is a number that should tell you all need to know about how desirable foreign men consider you. Marrying an American woman is the biggest mistake one can make. They are like maintaining a white elephant. They are most likely to ditch you in old age. Why do American women talk through their noses? You know, that horrible whiney nasal delivery that so many American females affect. Personally I find it so grating and unpleasant that I often have to turn off newscasts and videos as I can't stand listening to it. Listen to a German woman or a Japanese woman or to any other kind of woman talking. They speak normally from the mouth and throat. But from the nose? Yech!