Thursday, July 21, 2011

12 steps for American women to take before they get totally boycotted

Daniel in San Francisco:

To American women:
If you don't want us American men to shun you, I recommend you:

1.Learn financial responsibility.
2.Stop running to the government to continue your little game of one-upmanship against us that allows you to be dependent on our hard-earned money.
3.Lose weight and learn how to stay in shape without doing drugs or developing eating disorders.
4.Stop cheating on us.
5.Stop claiming that you want a "nice-guy" while instead you only go for yuppies, pick-up-artists, players, thugs, badboys, and douchebags.
6.Stop selling yourself out to the latest trends and develop TRUE individuality
7.Drop the self-entitlement
8.Drop the American ego. America's not perfect, so everyone has to stop strutting around like we are.
9.Stop watch all of that shallow crap (like the Hills) that everyone puts on TV. There's more to life than pop-culture, and it has already messed up our society.
10.Learn to appreciate when a nice guy helps you with something, and remember him (don't just throw on the charm just so you can use him and chuck him aside).
11.Stop complaining that you keep getting used, abused, fucked and chucked for someone else, Unless you stop chasing after assholes (like the ones mentioned in #5).
12. Repeal IMBRA. There are more effective ways of preventing abuse, and it violates our rights to tie the knot with whoever we want. This is obviously just an attempt to narrow the field for us. If you want people to be interested in American women, then get rid of these laws so you can prove that you are just as good as foreign women. If you don't repeal them, you are just proving that you can't compete and that you have no intention of improving yourselves.

*Keep in mind, every second you waste, you are only losing the respect of men. If you do not improve your ways, it will mean the end of this country as we know it. If it does, I will be in some other country before it all goes down.