Monday, July 11, 2011

American women are insecure

James in America says:

Actually American men marry foreign women because they are more "accomodating" to men's needs, they tend to be more "forgiving" of men's mistakes AND they are less likely to divorce their husbands at the drop of a hat. Given our numerous options we just don't find American women desirable anymore. As you are aware, the anti- American women sentiment among men runs very very deep in this country - I mean, just look at the countless number of foreign bride and anti-American women websites in the internet, and not to mention the numerous anti-American women threads on Topix. Hon, in this day and age, we American men just don't want you gals anymore. There is no hate among American men here - it's just that we don't find American women desirable anymore and instead, we prefer foreign brides. Why do American women acti so angry and scornful? Don't men have the right to say who they find desirable and who they choose to marry?? I don't understand why American women are all up in arms over this discussion - it seems to me that many of you American gals have rather low self-esteem.