Friday, July 1, 2011

American women are like prison food

Kevin in New Jersey writes:

The vast majority of American women suck. A general statement because it is generally true. No mystery to that. So I say just eff them. Hell they're so sexually liberated now so why not take advantage of it. I'ts not like you're abusing them, or giving them the raw end of the deal. They WANT to get boned and thats what us guys are here for. No harm no foul. Just don't marry one.

If American women are so great why aren't men from all over the world wanting to marry them like foreign women do with American men? Face it, the only men that can put up with your shit are American men and even we are getting tired of it. Serioulsy, where is this great demand for American women? It's just not there. You crazy American broads can yell and scream about how all these women just want us for green cards, but what it comes down to is numbers. Lot's of foreign women want to get with American men while the deamand for American women is very small when compared to that for American men. Again there is very little demand for American women outside of the USA. Make of it what you will but it is the truth. The fact that there are desirable men out there dating foreign women should scare the crap out of American women. Which is probably why this issue brings out such intense emotions in them. I would say most guys that have the means to travel are almost always happier with dating overseas than here. It's like prison food, if thats all you know it probably starts to not taste that bad, but once you are out and get a taste of a good steak you never want to go back to what you were eating in prison. How many websites sole purpose is so foreign men can meet American women? Not many. Lot's of websites where foreign women are looking for American men though. American women have a horrible reputation throughout world, way worse than that of American men. If you want to get in a deabte about who is considered more desirable to the outside world American men or American women I will have that debate with you.