Wednesday, July 13, 2011

American women are low class, says Charles

Charles from El Paso says:

Filipina women are taught to be faithful from a young age, unlike American women. And to make matters more better, the Philippines is the most Christian country in Asia. Filipinas have christian values from a very young age and are taught to care for their families. American women women on the other hand are taught to swindle money from their family and to divorce a man, take a man for all he is worth. That is why I like filipina, they are more educated than American women, they have christian values, and taught how to be faithful through example. American women are quite the opposite as one can see from the posts made by American women here. The question is, why the hell would men downgrade themselves by marrying an American woman? Those men that marry american women are pretty desperate in my opinion. Alot of guys would agree with me that asians are the best. Not only are they smarter but prettier and in better shape. When I think of american, I picture a fat ass white woman. But with asians such as filipinos, or even south americans, they are very nicely tanned, good shape, and also smart. American women are losers and full of inconsistencies. On the other hand, American women are money grabbing whores. Look at your high divorce rate. All they want to do is find ways to divorce a guy and then take their money. They are very annoying people and are angry all the damn time.