Tuesday, August 30, 2011

David says American Women are too fat

David in USA wrote:

More than 70% of american women are overweight and 35% are obese (Center for Disease Control stats here)! Not only are most american women fat, but they are also emotionally unstable. I also noticed that some of the fat american women have been hypothesizing about bloggers' small penis size. To bone a fat american woman, a man has to have a specific combination of physical features - be blind, and have a 12" cock (to pass through all that fat). This is a very rare combination, isn't it?

This isn't a case of 'think something and you attract it...'. In the USA many women are often fat, dress like men, and are angry, agressive and masculine. This is not the case in many other nations. You could spend your entire life in the Philippines (or any of a score other nations) and never see a woman that weighs more than 130 pounds, and that is considered 'fat' in most nations.

Monday, August 29, 2011

William says American women are good only for sex

William in St. Louis wrote:

Being a good looking women doesn't make her a good conversationalist (or anything else for that matter) and many American women are so self centered that the conversation usually shifts right back to herself, her job and friends. She probably could care less about what you have to say.

I don't care what most american women have to say - it's usually some frivolous, unimportant, senseless crap.
The first date usually goes something like this:
Woman: " I like Kung Fu movies"
Man: " Wow, that's so amazing. Me too. I love Kung Fu movies!"
Then follows some more small talk... The two feel "the deep connection" and then jump in the bed. Most american women are fuckdolls that are only good for sport-fucking.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

American women are fat and ugly

Michael in Santa Cruz says:

American women are fat and ugly because once they get a ring on their finger they have in effect castrated their man so he is just a mealticket and a childminder. They know he can't stray because the first thing they do is check out his income and prospects before they let him near them (listen, if you want a man to pay your bills, be honest, find a street corner, ok?) and if he messes around because the fat ugly screeching yacking bitching cow makes him feel sick, they take most of his money and don't let him see his kids. So all they have to do is sit and grow fat and complain if he's not around to pander to their every whim because he's doing two jobs to support them. And he can't do a thing about it. That's why there are so many agencies which American men go to to find NICE wives, from all over the world...because once they've been to Europe, they can't stand the sight of American women any more: but there's no market for American women in the rest of the world, because they are nasty and repulsive. Get it? Oh no - you're shovelling that popcorn down you, aren't you?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another American man happily married to an Asian woman

Robert from San Diego says:

I find American women (on average) pretty repulsive, physically and otherwise. I am in a relationship with a Braizlian girl and I would never date an american girl, not for a million bucks (I would for a citizenship, but I don't need it :)

Is it no surprise that these rich and successful men are going Asian (or Latin or Eastern Euro)? I'm married to a lovely Asian lady who works full time. But at the end of the day, I come home to a clean house, a well cooked meal and a quiet, relaxing and loving environment. Maybe I am a picky guy, but all I desire is a slender (34B-24-34), sexy, nice, quiet, smart, undemanding and non-challenging wife. I don't want a slave nor do I want a pushover for my spouse. These days, this combination is almost impossible to find but I lucked out. Life is too stressful as it is already without sharing your life with a ball breaker aka uber liberated American woman. I'll pass thanks.....hand me the foreign babe please! It's VERY easy for me to understand why Asian ladies are the new trophy wives.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

White American and Canadian women should be boycotted

John from Los Angeles wrote:

So it's great for a poor woman to look for a rich guy and you are saying that rich women won't go for poor guys? That's some fuggin double-standard you have in your trashy low-class ignorant mind. Hmmm, you must have grown up in a barrio or a project of some sort. Yes, most American women are disgusting inside and out.

the criticisms of american women are richly deserved - but canadian women are even worse (I'm talking about the white females). Essentially, these women think they are better than both men and all other women on earth; they are more enlightened, more talented, more ethical, and more beautiful than the rest of us mere mortals. The tragedy for them, however, is that they aren't any of those things: many of the stupidest women i have ever met were white females from North America and their values and physical appearance leave plenty to be desired. Truth is, white north american females are really like the old Ford clunkers our grand-parents used to buy: they are unreliable, expensive, rather grotesque, and dangerously unpredictable. white women are truly pigs; is it not possible that we can expedite the caliphate so that they get the come-uppance they richly deserve? For half a century they have declared war on children, the unborn and on men; it is only right that these unprincipled individuals get what's coming to them. Ask any man who was stupid enough to marry one of these pigs and you'll see exactly where I'm coming from. they have emotional problems, are deviants, amoral and just flat-out nasty; plus, they really are overweight, smelly and ill-mannered (it's not a stereotype: it's all true). I can't think of another large group in the contemporary world that treats other people so shabbily; none of the latin american women I talk to or the African women I date have anything good to say about them because they hate their racism, their intolerance, and their inauthentic, contrived self-righteousness. Only losers marry white females. the tragedy for american women is that they've bitched their way right out of the marketplace: men are tired of them, of their ethical lapses, of their childishness, churlishness and of their all-around bs; men want something better and the rest of the world offers that. bye, bye, whiney-vagineys; the jig is up and men are looking elsewhere for real. By the way, the great thing about it is that american women aren't sought-after by other men: latin men only want white women in this country because its a fast-track to citizenship; believe me, they all say they can find a lot better at home but they use the white female pig (the sows) like the sows use others.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

American women are manly

James in USA wrote:

American women, I don't know about fat and ugly, but man-like with an attitude, definitely. I think that comes from being out in the work force competing with men. American women tend to over-compensate and become ball-busters at work. Then they don't know how to shut that shit down when they get home. Total and complete turn off no matter how good she looks. What man wants to live with an f'in boss lady?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jay says to boycott American women

Jay in Wonderland writes:

Well it's been awhile since I last checked in here so I decided to read some of the latest comments. It's obvious that American males are getting fed up with seeing such a large population of overweight dispicable women. But it's not just their weight but their overall attitudes. They look and act as if they're angry at the world. As one commentor mentioned they've thrown in the towel and just don't care about their appearance anymore. I recently attended a high school class reunion and I was shocked at how many (including an ex-high school sweetheart) had put on rolls of fat and some even had the audacity to have tattoos on their legs, ankles and shoulders. Imagine what they'll look like in their fifties! Yes women in America have hit rock bottom in the looks and attitude department.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

American women are so fat

Timothy in New York:

I hear you. I am an american male, born and raised, but there are times when I walk into a store or other type of public place and marvel at the propensity of fat women; many times it's over 50%!! Many are simply slothful and lazy, many have sort of rebelled against the obsession this country has with skinny, young girls and these fatties have just sort of filed their own protest vote by blimping out. They've thrown in the towel. Truly, there are times when I look at all these cows and understand why much of the world thinks we're overfed and apathetic!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Andrew says American women are basically useless

Andrew in Portland writes:

I have successful single friends who are terribly out of shape and go through the most beautiful women regularly. I also have in shape single friends who are frugal and have no luck with women. Here is my point from this example and my own experience. It is the ultimate Greed that drives the modern American woman. It's just like Chris Rock joked about, it's all about her; "Fuck your hopes, fuck your dreams, what can I do to keep this bitch happy?". She gets what she wants. What do American women offer besides sex? After marriage that and their looks usually fade. As far as the modern American woman, most can't cook, most won't clean, most say they don't want to work after giving birth. After a hard day of work, the man doesn't get his back rubbed, he gets punished/yelled at coming through the door (the more time goes by the worse it gets). This is the norm. I know it sounds familiar. Yet, what does the man have to do, or rather have to own? It's all about, how much money do you make? What kind of car do you drive? How nice is the place your taking me? When are we going on a vacation your paying for? Do your parents have money? What kind of house will you buy for me? How expensive is my engagement ring? Even in sex, the modern American woman's greed will demand she be taken care of and to hell with getting yours. Why even settle for one lover? American women are also the most promiscuous in the world. Don't leave home for too long... Finally, as modern rivals within most careers, just being a woman they demand more money whether they are qualified for the job or not. Their Greed keeps a victim mentality going strong be it at work or not. Truly most are both ugly inside and out, be it sooner or later.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brian says American women are spoiled

Brian in America writes:

American women have it too easy hence the problem. I hate to generalize, but from what I hear from my russian friend is that it's very difficult to find a hard working, educated, non-drinking/wife beating man in Russia so the women need to be on their "A game" because competition for a good husband is fierce. A typical day for a Russian lady is probably working hard all day followed by going to the gym to keep her girlish figure and then home to read a few classic novels before going to bed. Compare and contast this with American women. Good guys are very abundant and there is a extreme shortage of attractive, fit, intelligent, normal women. No need to go to the gym because the American women can just sign onto Match.com and pour over the dozens of date proposals for the upcoming week. Reading a good book takes too much effort, so they flip on the tv and watch Bridezillas, Real Housewives of New Jersey or I Love New York. Once you travel, you'll understand how American women really stack up against ladies abroad. Trust me, it's an eye opener.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

An American Woman admits most American women are stupid

Denise from California:

I'm one of those very few beautiful, educated, and sophisticated American women, and I feel completely out of place, and have to dumb-down my conversations when around most American women. I lived in Russia for a year, and when I got back to America, I was blown away at how fat, stupid, and poorly-dressed the women here are. Clueless American women also insist on feminizing their men, and then they're so surprised when their husbands leave.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frank says American women have nasty attitudes

Frank from Seattle says:

Even if an American woman is a 10 in the looks department, but once you factor in their nasty attitude, American women are downgraded to a 7. Compare and contrast to my foreign wife who might be a 7 in the looks department, but once you factor her "family and husband first" attitude she upgrades to an 8 or a 9. American women are guilty of watching too much crap on television which just enforces the "Look at me, I'm a diva/do nothing but demand everything/marry a millionaire at all costs but don't dare settle for an average good guy attitude." It's very very hard to find an attractive American girl these days. Frankly it's boring and guys have better options these days.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Canada male thinks American women are whores

Steven in Canada writes:

My repulsion for a lot of American women is mainly because of their promiscuousness -- that is what I was saying in my first post. Before the average American woman reaches the age of 25, she has had sex with multiply guys tons of times. Now, that is disgusting, and, yes, I’m singling out American women because immigrant women aren’t like this, from what I observe.

Actually American chicks are sluts. I came to the US on a student visa and noticed a big different over my country(Spain). Here, it seams parents dont give a sh1t what their kids are doing or where they are. I had friends here in the us that lost their virginity as young a 11. Many american parents even have their young daughters/son's partners in their house like it's second nature. They even let them hang in their bedrooms. If I were to try to slip a foot into my girl's house her dad would kill me. In the US, my first girlfriend I had fully exposed herself to me after only a few days and we were having relations in less than a week. In spain, I had to ask for permission to even date my lady and didn't receive a kiss till a few months after dating.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Matthew says American women are sluts

Matthew in USA writes:

Virgins are looked down upon in America. I know that from personal experience. Most American women want men that have had sex with millions of women, yet the same stupid women complains about men cheating on them. That's a stupid hooker's mentality. The truth is, most women in America getting married for the first time are not virgins. When women wed, most have had sex with millions of men, and their husband are getting leftover. The sounds like a slut to me!

I agree American women are sluts.....look at all those women who are having premarital sex and they are Church going women. So if the Church going women are having out of wedlock births then you know the rest of the women are giving it up. If you ask me, you can't turn the average American women into a respectable human!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Foreign women hate American women

Mark in Brazil:

Over the years people in foreign countries have complained about the attitude of American women. Now that I am overseas I notice this with the women. American women have such bad attitudes when it comes to dating. You give them all that you could and more. You put all you can into a relationship to make things better for both of you. And yet these women are never satisfied. Another thing, why do women complain about men when they constantly date losers??? If the guy treated you like crap why did you date him in the first place???? And if he continued to treat you like crap, why didn't you just leave him??? A smart woman would never do something that dumb!!! A smart woman wouldn't blame every man on the planet for their problems!!! A smart woman would date someone more decent! Are there a lack of intelligent women in the US or something? Outside of the US, women tend to be more down to earth and humble. You could actually talk to someone and not worry about them giving you an attitude. Women actually say "thank you" or "oh I'm sorry" or "hi how are you", ect!!! These women also appreciate a good conversation and actually have manners. A WOMAN WITH MANNERS....IMAGINE THAT......YOU COULD ONLY FIND SOMETHING LIKE THAT OUT OF THE UNITED STATES!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kenneth says American women don't make good wives

Kenneth from Nevada writes in:

American girls will divorce you and sue you for everything you have, and leave you with nothing. American women are feminist assholes that do not know how to take care of a man. They don’t know how to cook good food. One reason why so many americans are fat, because the women are lousy cooks and don’t know anything. I recently married a woman from the Philippines. We been together for a long time. She is a wonderful wife, and her native food is very healthy. She dosen’t need to diet in order to look beautiful, because her native food is sufficient. The only thing American women know how to prepare is healthier burgers LOL. Too busy for anything so they try to make fast food into something healthy, like convenience food. Sure, there are alot of nice looking American girls, but that dosen’t turn me on at all. I can just look at a beautiful horse or a well-groomed cat, it is just the same LOL. But the Asian women, especially Eastern European are the best, very beautiful women, with the good attitude along with it. They make good wifes, they are family oriented, friendly, without that western attitiude crap you see from western women. Alot of guys are looking overseas for a companion because they are sick of the bullshit from american women. American women have snotty stuck up attitudes, and that is enough to put a man in an early grave. My filipina wife treats me with dignity, respect, and also take care of me, and because of that I also do the same for her. Respect goes both ways. American women are feminist pigs who thing men are scum of the earth. Well, you can only live up to their expectations, they think we are pigs, then we can only live up to their expectation of us and act like pigs. You go to other country and meet other women, they are so different from American women in all ways. Men, don’t marry an american woman. Don’t do that to yourself. Keep your options open. Expand your horizons.