Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brian says American women are spoiled

Brian in America writes:

American women have it too easy hence the problem. I hate to generalize, but from what I hear from my russian friend is that it's very difficult to find a hard working, educated, non-drinking/wife beating man in Russia so the women need to be on their "A game" because competition for a good husband is fierce. A typical day for a Russian lady is probably working hard all day followed by going to the gym to keep her girlish figure and then home to read a few classic novels before going to bed. Compare and contast this with American women. Good guys are very abundant and there is a extreme shortage of attractive, fit, intelligent, normal women. No need to go to the gym because the American women can just sign onto and pour over the dozens of date proposals for the upcoming week. Reading a good book takes too much effort, so they flip on the tv and watch Bridezillas, Real Housewives of New Jersey or I Love New York. Once you travel, you'll understand how American women really stack up against ladies abroad. Trust me, it's an eye opener.