Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Foreign women hate American women

Mark in Brazil:

Over the years people in foreign countries have complained about the attitude of American women. Now that I am overseas I notice this with the women. American women have such bad attitudes when it comes to dating. You give them all that you could and more. You put all you can into a relationship to make things better for both of you. And yet these women are never satisfied. Another thing, why do women complain about men when they constantly date losers??? If the guy treated you like crap why did you date him in the first place???? And if he continued to treat you like crap, why didn't you just leave him??? A smart woman would never do something that dumb!!! A smart woman wouldn't blame every man on the planet for their problems!!! A smart woman would date someone more decent! Are there a lack of intelligent women in the US or something? Outside of the US, women tend to be more down to earth and humble. You could actually talk to someone and not worry about them giving you an attitude. Women actually say "thank you" or "oh I'm sorry" or "hi how are you", ect!!! These women also appreciate a good conversation and actually have manners. A WOMAN WITH MANNERS....IMAGINE THAT......YOU COULD ONLY FIND SOMETHING LIKE THAT OUT OF THE UNITED STATES!!