Friday, September 30, 2011

American women are the largest women in the world

Jason from America writes:

I have to say somthing. It's the truth about American women. They, American women, for the most part, are the largest women in the world. They also have more rights then most women in the world as well. I lived in Eastern Europe for two years and I could not believe that women wore make-up, had femanine clothes, and acted like ladies. Also, they all were in great shape...I was shocked!! It made me feel like a man. Because that is what I am. In America if you are a male somthing is wrong with you. You are a sexist and don't listen enough. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against women's equality. But, American women just, for the most part, don't really like to be lady. For this reason, we are seeing many men saying, "Hey, I don't need this. I can marry a women who will look nice and be sweet to me." And all men have to do is look outside America to so see women who are longing for a loving man to take care of them and not have a bad attitude. Women in America do not realize how blessed they are.

American women are like American cars. Big, ugly, and unreliable.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feminism has made people very unhappy in America

Kevin from USA writes:

American women have turned into fat pigs seriously deficient in sophisticated style or elegance. On top of that they display loud arrogant behavior that would make a drunk sailor cringe in disgust. American women have no idea what sexy is and what true ladylike behavior comprises..

The truth is you cannot tell the truth about anything or anyone anymore in America, ESPECIALLY about gender and race. The gender roles have been upset by feminism, and it really makes both sexes very unhappy. I would say that the majority of American women are unattractive because of their feminist beliefs and because of the crap coming out of the idiot box. We are trained to believe that money is the end all be all of existence, or how well you can fit into one of the precribed molds the media presents. Either you are a career woman, party slut or a hippie/feminist/lesbian. The first are unhappy because they are acting unnaturally, as are the second group. The latter are the angriest most unhappy people alive, because they have to live up to the image they ahve created in their own mind that they are always right, reality be damned. In addition most American women have unrealistic standards, don't know how to just have a good time, or even tone down their extreme mindset. Almost every date I have been on recently, the woman will turn the conversation into a pissing match about my job versus hers. Not attractive and for people who say they love to talk, they are horrid conversationalists. I have met women from Russian and Spain, Poland and Austrailia who are not psychopaths like American woman, and who can talk like adults (and yes they have jobs too) on a variety of subjects. But American women don't like the truth, and what they like less is an American man escaping their disparaging insults and just saying this bullshit doesn't matter and finding a good woman overseas. A man like that is called a homo, a loser, an asshole because he actually wants to be happy and be loved instead of having a life of being hated and insulted by women he commits to who have a far greater chance of cheating on him and taking him for everything he has worked for just for the 'pleasure' of her presence, flaccid body, worn out equipment which most likely two dozen men have utilized before you even met her. In the end it doesn't matter how cruel you are to American women, or how mean, because that is all they know, how they are themselves, and that is what is attractive to them. American women don't like the truth or being adults, as they have been spoiled, and brainwashed into thinking they are all princesses and deserve the benefits of same.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get your passports, men

Anthony from the USA writes:

A heated topic...I'm military and I've been to Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Ireland...There is alot of trues to foreign women being alot better than american women...They are more polite, less bitchy, more appreciative, keen to real world problems(Not like, "I wanted a blue lip liner, not purple! Woe is me!")and on top of that more physically fit and sexually attractive...Guys, get your passport...Cause I got mine;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ronald in America writes:

I just wanted to share something. I have this girl in my class,(I am in college) and she is just driving me crazy. She is not that fat and i have to admit that she is very charming. The way she talks and move her body is making me puke. Her legs are kind of ok but I wouldn't put a skirt on and she is showing her legs taking her boots off and putting her feet on the desk and she is so noisy.She screams and laughs lake a horse even boys with their manly voices don't sound like that. All American women are like that the laugh like cows and i have the feeling that they are about to rape everything that moves they are so disgusting and nasty. I am an European and the way US "ladies" act is appropriate to a horse.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Brian realized the truth

Brian from America writes:

I've also traveled around and noticed American women seem to have this sense of entitlement about everything. I have no problem having sex with them and then kicking them to the curb after a few weeks, but dating is out of the question. There has to be conflict, there has to be drama. Spend spend spend, sleep around. No wonder more men stay single these days. They're also fat as fuck.

I would agree that many Americans are fat and rather pathetic looking, both men and women. United States is the land of lard. I also would agree that US men and women are pretty much messed up and do generally make poor mates for each other. The men have no gender role and the women usually take on the role of a man, which basically makes them like boys. If a man wants a real woman, I would suggest he go over seas where the culture is not garbage yet and the women haven't turned into boys. I would suggest Asian countries and if you like whites, try Russia.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

American women are rotten on the inside

Edward in Kentucky writes:

The problem with American women isn't their looks. Plenty of beautiful American women. However what's on the inside is rotten to the core. American women are miserable human beings for the most part. They all have problems, and all are attracted to drama. If there isn't any drama, don't worry, they'll create it. Psycho is an adequate word to describe most American women. Plus they all want to know what you're going to buy them or do for them. It's all about them. I swore off American women years ago. I only date women from other countries. Right now I'm dating a Japanese woman. She's smart (the Controller of the company she works for), classy, feminine and genuinely happy, something that can't be said of American women. What I don't get is why American women think they're such a great catch and that men should be grateful to be with them (and any man who can't is automatically labeled a wimp). Are you kidding me! Ladies not only are you not a catch, but you're throw away material. Great for a screw, but long term relationship, forget it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

European man dislikes American Women also

Steven in Europe writes:

There are fat women all over the world it is NOT only AMerica.The problem is that American ladies are:
1.Loud-skream like wild anymals no class at all.
2.Doesn't have any sense of style- they dress like peasants from a third world country.
3.Eat like crazy-stop eating fast food ...helooooooooooooooooo...

There is more but i dont have the nerves to list them. Also I have to say that there are some nice looking ladies. YOu Dear americans are so senseless I really feel sorry for you guys. You live in your horrible country and you will never experience the good life. Middle class people wake up in the morning and do the same thing every day...that's sad. And young people some of you are so dumb how could you go to school in your pijamas- do you people even shower or brush teeth or sometnig. Dont be so proud and mean and stop thinking that you are the best, because you,ve never been and if you were you are not anymore.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

American Women are ignorant fools

George in California writes:

Not only are American women the fattest on the planet, they are getting fatter at an alarming rate. Obesity rates among adolescents has tripled in the last 20 years, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. While there is no doubt that American women are the fattest, ugly is a subjective thing, and some men actually like fat women...especially in the US. Outside the US, American women are considered fat, ugly, lazy, and ignorant. My theory is this: a woman puts on a few pounds, feels ugly, gets depressed, eats food as a coping mechanism. Repeat. Ignorance prevents the woman from breaking this self-destructive cycle.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Donald says to stay away from American Women

Donald in Ohio writes:

The "Ugly American" expression came from obese, average, hostile, aggressive, demanding American women going overseas on a vacation and behaving like occupying forces.

American ladies are also hateful and jealous of each other. Anyone notice the hate for someone that is actually "sexy" like Sarah Palin? Most of her haters are these obese ladies, that live alone with their 10 cats, and are 30-50.

There is a much higher percentage of fat, ugly women with mental health problems in america compared Europe. I guess it has to do with the lifestyle and the culture (or lack of thereof) here in america. My advice to you is to go out with foreign girls. Most of them are very feminine, respectful and just nice (and this is not equivalent to being submissive at all). If you want to live a long, happy life, stay away from spoiled, masculine american chicks. The bright side is: 10% of people living in america are foreigners!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mark is right on, man!

Mark in Texas writes:

Personally I don't mind women who are fiesty. I find girls with intelligence a serious turn on. However, I don't find women who think wearing a size 16 is attractive and ones who have tattoos all over their bodies as something I would go for. In fact, if you make your own money, that's fantastic - I still am willing to be chivalrous and pay for dates and stuff, but I'm damned if I am going to go shopping with you while you buy stuff you can't afford and then look to me like I am your pocketbook. Go to craigslist for example - I have never seen so many golddigging whores in my entire life. It's scary. You have every right to be independent, but if you want someone like me to be interested in you, you need to fit what I see attractive in a woman - and frankly I don't see it in most of the American women out there.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feminism is the source of it all

Paul in America writes:

We are saying that MOST American women have fallen dramatically in the looks/attitude/and desirability department. I chalk it up to feminism. Women are like guys now. Ever see a guy with a beer belly and ugly tatttos? They just don't care about their appearance. We'll it's now gone full circle with American women. They are now taking on the traits of men and they too don't care about their appearance as much as they used to. Being a "girly girl" and looking cute, feminine and fit. Women from other countries have not caught this disease yet. My wife is asian and is 5'3 and 105 lbs with a perfect 34-24-34 figure. Dee, I'll make a bet with you. You walk around for a week and count the number of American women over the age of 21 that you see with 34-24-34 figures. For each one you see, I'll give you a dollar. I predict that you'll be lucky to have enough money to buy coffee at Starbucks. Conversely, if I had you count 38-30-38's, I'd proabably be buying you a new Mercedes at the end of the week.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Daniel dislikes fat American women

Daniel writes:

American women are used to driving big SUV's thru Mcdonalds drive thrus while yapping on the phone and causing accidents. Then they go home and pack their faces with garbage,and they do very little physical work(like the rest of the planet).

Nevertheless, I too have dated my fair share of American women and have to say most of them are getting worse. I keep myself in shape and expect the same from my long term woman. Yea, that never happens. Amazing how quickly these women let themselves turn into pigs. The funniest/worst part is, as the years pass most have their attitudes get just as bad as their looks.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

American men have lots of options

Thomas in USA says:

I have a time share that allows me to stay at Caesar Park Hotel on Ipanema in Rio De Janeiro. I always shed a tear when I have to hop on the plane back to the US.
Unless you've been to a different country and witnessed 40 year old women with bodies like 18 year olds, it's difficult to get a reference point. American men don't have to sit back and accept it at all. The american women will rag on about "a foreign wife is just looking for a green card" blah blah blah. Statistically speaking, you have a 30 percent less likely chance of getting divorced if you marry a foreign wife. American men have options, lot's of options.

Monday, September 5, 2011

American women are not feminine

Joseph in USA wrote:

American women are very overweight compared to other countries such as in Europe, Asia, Latin American...basically most places. I've lived around the world and whenever I come back for a visit to the US, I can't help but look around and think, wow, it's pretty bad here. I think that post-70s, women have been so negatively influence by the ultra-feminist agenda that has been set in our universities, which in turn has trickled down into our lower school system, that they seem to have lost that ability to act feminine. As soon as they are confronted with the obvious they immediately attack with calling a man a loser, crazy, emasculated or say that they are afraid of losing their masculinity. There is nothing wrong with American culture compared to others - all cultures are relative to one another. However, there is a real problem with how American women feel they're entitled to be overweight, angry, and generally speaking, ugly (both inside and out) and that men just have to "suck it up" and accept it. Actually, no. We don't have to accept it. You will see these same women hanging out in a bar/club/retuarant when they're in their late 30s - 40s and all alone but they don't know why.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

American women are at the bottom of the list

Charles in Portland:

French women are pretty ugly if you ask me. I know I lived in Europe for six years and have been to Paris several times as well as to Cannes. The Czech, Hungarian and Romanian women are much prettier than the French. The South American women are by far the best looking in the world. Unfortunately, American women are at the bottom of the list!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Richard says "Lose some weight!"

Richard in Kansas says:

This isn't about what you feel is fair, you American women! We don't care that you are trying to tear us down 'You're not all that.'. We want thin women, and if American Women won't lose weight, there are another 3,200 Million other women on this planet who have. American Men are sought after as desired mates the world over due to our kind and fair nature. Only in the USA and other Anglo Nations, have women become so insane that our positive qualities are overlooked or belittled. American Women are also know world over - as being the worst wives this planet has to offer. This isn't my opinion - ask some men who live outside the USA what they think of American women.