Friday, September 30, 2011

American women are the largest women in the world

Jason from America writes:

I have to say somthing. It's the truth about American women. They, American women, for the most part, are the largest women in the world. They also have more rights then most women in the world as well. I lived in Eastern Europe for two years and I could not believe that women wore make-up, had femanine clothes, and acted like ladies. Also, they all were in great shape...I was shocked!! It made me feel like a man. Because that is what I am. In America if you are a male somthing is wrong with you. You are a sexist and don't listen enough. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against women's equality. But, American women just, for the most part, don't really like to be lady. For this reason, we are seeing many men saying, "Hey, I don't need this. I can marry a women who will look nice and be sweet to me." And all men have to do is look outside America to so see women who are longing for a loving man to take care of them and not have a bad attitude. Women in America do not realize how blessed they are.

American women are like American cars. Big, ugly, and unreliable.