Friday, September 23, 2011

Brian realized the truth

Brian from America writes:

I've also traveled around and noticed American women seem to have this sense of entitlement about everything. I have no problem having sex with them and then kicking them to the curb after a few weeks, but dating is out of the question. There has to be conflict, there has to be drama. Spend spend spend, sleep around. No wonder more men stay single these days. They're also fat as fuck.

I would agree that many Americans are fat and rather pathetic looking, both men and women. United States is the land of lard. I also would agree that US men and women are pretty much messed up and do generally make poor mates for each other. The men have no gender role and the women usually take on the role of a man, which basically makes them like boys. If a man wants a real woman, I would suggest he go over seas where the culture is not garbage yet and the women haven't turned into boys. I would suggest Asian countries and if you like whites, try Russia.