Thursday, September 15, 2011

Donald says to stay away from American Women

Donald in Ohio writes:

The "Ugly American" expression came from obese, average, hostile, aggressive, demanding American women going overseas on a vacation and behaving like occupying forces.

American ladies are also hateful and jealous of each other. Anyone notice the hate for someone that is actually "sexy" like Sarah Palin? Most of her haters are these obese ladies, that live alone with their 10 cats, and are 30-50.

There is a much higher percentage of fat, ugly women with mental health problems in america compared Europe. I guess it has to do with the lifestyle and the culture (or lack of thereof) here in america. My advice to you is to go out with foreign girls. Most of them are very feminine, respectful and just nice (and this is not equivalent to being submissive at all). If you want to live a long, happy life, stay away from spoiled, masculine american chicks. The bright side is: 10% of people living in america are foreigners!